Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Clarins Multi-Active Skincare Collection Review

In March Clarins released a luxurious new skincare collection that will take your beauty routine to a new level! When I travel the world from glamorous Paris to the winding cobble stone streets of Venice and the smallest Canadian towns I find Clarins products everywhere! The brand is known and trusted for their excellence and over the years the luscious formulas have transformed my skin from blah to fabulous!

Now that I’ve raved a little, let me introduce the Multi-Active Collection  - designed to counteract the effects of hectic days, short nights, stress and lack of sleep, all the lifestyle habits that leave their mark on your face. This line could not come at a better time since we are slowly but surely transitioning out of winter and trying to recuperate parched skin. Recently I’ve also been jet setting quite frequently for leisure and work plus the parties and press events never end! When your schedule seems to leave no time for pampering, this formula has your back with effective cutting edge technology.

Multi-Active Day Cream
A fast paced, stressful life can be one cause of fine lines and tired looking skin. This breakthrough formula contains fabulous conditioning agents, antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients to fortify and protect. It also includes myrothamnus extract - a South African plant with the capacity to survive water stress during the dry season, a factor that makes it efficient at absorbing the harmful effects of daily environmental aggressors. Worn out, haggard skin will look smooth, toned, energized and youthful!

The anti-pollution complex is ideal for every season and I notice results immediately! The cream instantly provides an incredible boost of refreshing moisture plus it smells fantastic and absorbs quickly. As you massage it onto your face, skin texture will transform from rough to silky with no greasiness. This formulation is suitable for all skin types and provides the suppleness and vibrancy we all crave. The lightweight consistency also works well under makeup and doesn’t make your foundation look oily as the day wears on. Whether I’m downtown at a press event or on a long, tiring flight I can be confidant that my complexion will retain its radiance.

 Although the cream was designed to prevent early signs of aging for women 30+ it is such an excellent moisturizer that it transcends age and gender. It also comes in a gel and dry skin formula and retails for $52.00. I should also mention that it does not contain SPF so for UV protection you can layer with sunscreen.

Multi-Active Night Cream
I love a good night cream because skin heals and regenerates as you snooze and I am totally smitten with this formula! Not only is it a preventative treatment for fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging but it deeply nourishes and replenishes my skin with luscious layers of moisture all night.

Whether you have a good night’s rest or suffer from sleeplessness you can wake up with smooth, glowing skin. It contains organic California poppy - a flower that closes at night to regenerate itself. This powerful extract helps boost collagen and offsets the lowering of antioxidants that can occur during fatigue. My skin feels soft and resilient when I wake plus all the dry patches from winter have disappeared leaving my complexion smooth enough to achieve flawless makeup application. The night cream is available in normal to combination and normal to dry and retails for $55.00.

The Mission Perfection Serum fights pigmentation disorders and restores a luminous complexion without altering your natural skin tone. Dark spots and blemishes are really annoying and they can be difficult to conceal, so fighting them from within is a great line of defense. The serum also works on dyschromia, acne marks, dullness, redness and shadowy areas with a plant extract that helps block hyper-pigmentation on a cellular level.

The cool thing about this serum is that it has a universal coral shade that adapts to all skin tones (from fair to dark) to create a beauty enhancing veil of light. As it treats your problem areas it also makes skin appear fresh and radiant and under makeup it dulls pesky imperfections for a more even finish. The serum retails for $68.00.

Before applying my lipsticks, especially matte formulas and bright shades I like using a primer. I usually get the one from MAC but for the price there isn’t very much in the tube. Thankfully, for us lipstick junkies Clarins has released the Instant Light Lip Perfecting Base. Not only is the formula moisturizing and comfortable it also sets and holds color to prevent bleeding and smooths the texture of lips for even application. It is designed to keep lipstick intact for up to 6 hours so you can bet I’ll be keeping it in my purse at all times! The lip base retails for $25.00.

You can find all of these wonderful products at department stores, pharmacies and online by clicking HERE.

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  1. I use the Clarins multi active night cream. I love it in winter months as it is very moisturising.


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