Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pür Minerals Marble Powder Spice and Balancing Act Shine Control

It’s finally here! The warm weather is upon us and people are already outdoors having fun in the sun. When I’m traveling, enjoying city life and making my way from one event to the next, it’s convenient to have a few multi-purpose products to keep my face fresh.

The Marble Powder Spice is a multidimensional blend of copper, cinnamon and pearl pigments that can be swept over the cheeks, eyes or lips to add all-over warmth to the face. The powder has a beautiful peach-bronze undertone that gives skin a golden Goddess, luminous effect and can also be used for light sculpting and definition. Aside from being a universally flattering blush, the pearl particles work as a subtle highlight to give skin a natural glow that seems to emit from within.

The powder can be layered on the lids to create a beautiful bronzed gradient that ties your look together but you may need a primer if you want more than a sheer finish. I do wish there was a bit more color pay-off because I also found it a tad difficult to intensify and transfer the pigment to my lips but it looks gorgeous on the skin and the radiant results are perfect for the season. The powder retails for $26.00.

Many of us have had those long, amazing summer days when the barbecue is on-point, the drinks flow until sunset and your makeup seems to slide off your face. Looking like a sweaty greaseball is never cute so it’s important to touch-up throughout the day. The Balancing Act Mosaic Powder is formulated to lock-in a shine-free look for an even, matte finish. The powder is easy to blend and applies translucent so it is suitable for all complexions.

After your makeup is complete, simply apply with a powder brush and layer for desired coverage. I also like to keep it in my purse to eradicate shine on-the-go. I often start by using a blotting paper to eliminate some oil and then dab on the powder for that fresh, “just applied” look.  The only downside (and this is strange) is the warning on the packing. It says that using the powder may increase skin’s sensitivity to sun and possible sunburn so you must use it with sunscreen and limit exposure. I mostly use mattifying powders in the summer months so I probably won’t use this on tropical vacations or days spent outdoors, (just in case)! The powder retails for $33.00.

You can find Pürminerals at Shoppers Drug Mart and BeautyBoutique.ca

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