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Essence Cosmetics XXXL Long Lasting Lip Gloss Review

If you see me in the city, chances are I'd be wearing well executed eye shadow with a unique color blend and a bold, vibrant lip color, (preferably a creamy matte formula) for a glamorous pout. It wasn't until I saw Kendall Jenner rocking shiny lips and a sheer dusting of glittery shadow did the minimal makeup trend catch my eye. For the first time in a long time I decided to try the "less is more approach" for a fresh summery look.

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To help me play-up the barely-there makeup trend I used Kendall’s new eye shadow palette from the Estée Edit Collection and a whole bunch of XXXL lip glosses from essence. If you’re looking for intense, lustrous shine for that beautiful mirrored effect, then head to the essence display in Shoppers Drug Mart. For just $2.99 ea you can have your pick of glistening pinks, reds, corals, orange, nudes and more with moisturizing, lip loving formulas.

These glosses provide layers upon layers of juicy color with a delicious candy scent and lightweight comfort. The applicator is easy to use and quite flexible, designed to work around the contours of your pout for plumpness. Although the texture clings to skin for prolonged wear, the gloss is non-sticky and quite cushiony.

The look I was going for used neutral tones but I couldn’t resist the petal perfect pinks for spring. The sheer color makes lips appear full and luminous plus they keep dryness at bay.

You can totally use these to replace your lip balm if you want pretty color without sacrificing hydration and you can layer them on top of lipstick for an instant boost of shine.

If you crave a tad more color essence also has some new Liquid Lipsticks with a lush, creamy consistency, and sheer to medium coverage. The moist texture drenches lips in dewy pigment (similar to gloss) but with a little more vibrancy and the mini size makes them perfect for smaller bags and clutches. The shade selection is a tad limited and the colors are mostly neutral and soft. The Liquid Lipsticks retail for $3.99 ea.

02 Beauty Secret, 01 Color Party, 04 Show Off, 06 Make a Statement, 05 Peach Party & 03 Almost Real

Peach Party, Show Off, Beauty Secret, Make a Statement & Color Party

You can find essence cosmetics at Shoppers Drug Mart and Ulta Beauty in the U.S

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