Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Burberry Complete Eye Palette Review

Summer is now in full swing but beauty brands are always one season ahead and many are already revealing fall trends. I love the sleek, sophisticated makeup from Burberry almost as much as I love their classic fashion and I’ve had my eye on the Plum Eye Palette since the pretty chrome packaging first graced Sephora’s shelves. These deep, sultry shadows may not seem like popular summer hues but their subtle gorgeousness can be enjoyed anytime.

The lovely pigments are designed for highlighting, shaping and defining to create sensational, high fashion effects and the range of color includes: Mocha, Grey, Spice, Pink, Rose, Nude, Sage, Plum (the palette I have) and Blue. Since purple makes brown eyes pop, I frequently use it to accent and the collection has color combos to compliment every skin tone.

You can wear these shades any way you desire but the palette does contain a base, eyelid shade, highlight, liner and crease/contour to create a complete, well rounded look.

I think the vivid plum is meant to be a liner but I also blend and fade it in the crease for a beautiful smokey effect. The shimmery bronze, greenish brown and champagne highlight can also be used for a softer look when you crave something more neutral but the palette gives you the versatility to go from deep and seductive to light and fresh.

As you touch the shadows you can definitely tell that they are high-end and fantastic quality. They have a luxurious buttery consistency that is soft and silky for effortless application and blending.

These rich runway inspired shades are also highly pigmented but they do layer sheer to full coverage and a good primer really amps up the color! The supple pigments glide on light and smooth with little to no fall-out, or fading and they last as long as my day does. The palette retails for $64.00 and also comes with a travel friendly pouch for storage.

When it comes to makeup I usually prefer fall colors but I like to keep my mani and pedi quite seasonal and Burberry has an elegant range of bright polish that dazzles in the sun. Coral seems to be on-trend every year so the shades Bright Coral Red and Coral Pink are just the hues I need to add a pop or vibrancy to all my summer outfits.

The square caps look pretty but they don’t really twist-off well so I have remove them completely and the little nub cap underneath provides good grip but isn’t as large. The formula is creamy, highly saturated (opaque in about 2 coats) and easy enough to work with. The brush is medium thickness with a little rounding at the tip - quite basic but still effective and I love the high-shine, professional finish. The polishes retails for $24.00 each and there are many shades to choose from.

Burberry Cosmetics can be found at Sephora and online by clicking HERE

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