Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Foreo Iris Illuminating Eye Massager Review

When it comes to skincare one of the most difficult issues to correct is dark under eye circles. With a busy schedule, poor sleep habits and my old nemesis genetics working against me, it has been very hard to fade the pigmentation that has plagued me for years. Correctors and concealers may help temporarily, but since they aren’t long term solutions I decided to step-up my game and try something innovative.

Similar to the popular Foreo Luna Face Cleanser, the Foreo Iris Eye Massager uses sonic pulsations with gentle pressure that is safe for sensitive skin and is Ophthalmologist tested. Using a fingertip to press in eye creams may be effective, but I don't usually have the time or patience to tap away for very long. The rapid vibrations and soft kneading motions of the Iris does all the work for me in a fraction of the time and acts as a mini eye lift for a more youthful appearance. Since the alleviating massage enhances product absorption and circulation, my expensive eye treatments work better than ever!

The device has two modes - Pure Mode replicates the gentle taping of a manual massage with much more effectiveness and the sensation feels wonderful! The rounded portion of the Iris moves back and forth in quick succession and you can adjust the speed using the (+) button. Spa Mode combines the invigorating tapping/massaging motion with stimulating vibrations for skin with pronounced aging.

You can apply eye cream before or after use and the smooth silicone design is curved to sit perfectly on the eye contour. The hypoallergenic, BPA free body is non-porous so it resists bacteria and cleans easily. Since I find eye masks to be the most efficient topical treatments on the market, I use the device to pat in excess serum after removing the masks and the results are fabulous!

The Iris is 70% more effective at reducing under eye circles and since beginning my nightly pampering sessions I have noticed less darkness and improved texture. Now that my skin looks a bit brighter, I can achieve flawless makeup application and I don't look as fatigued. The Iris is also 3.5X more effective at reducing under eye bags and although I’ve only ever experienced mild puffiness upon waking in the morning, I don’t see any sign of it now. For those who suffer from crow's feet and wrinkles, the device may reduce them by up to 43% but since I don't have any lines this makes a great preventative treatment.

Because the kneading massage feels so good I find myself looking forward to using the tool every night. It soothes tired eyes after a long day and my skin is beginning to look revived and fresh. I love that the device is lightweight and it comes with a small travel pouch which you can slip in your purse and pull out during a long flight. Each charge lasts up to 140 uses and only takes 30 seconds per eye, although you can use it for up to 3 mins should you require a longer cycle. The Foreo Iris retails for $159.00 and you can find the brand at Murale this August, Sephora and online at

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