Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Urban Decay Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Long Wear Liquid Eyeliner Review

When it comes to perfecting the technique of winging eyeliner we all understand the struggle. How many of you have been late for an event because of failed attempts to draw the perfect line or messed up your eye shadow trying to even out disproportionate wings? Don’t feel bad ladies, even seasoned Makeup Artists are occasionally bested by a shaky hand or seeping formulas but Urban Decay is striving to correct this with the new Razor Sharp Liquid Liner.

I never leave home without a nice bold line to enhance my eyes but when it comes to my makeup bag I have high expectations. I don’t usually go for big felt tip markers because they tend not to last very long and can dry out mid use. They also make it difficult to limit diameter and achieve anything but chunky lines. I prefer a dipable pot to control the amount of pigment I apply and a small brush for the versatility of creating both ultra thin and thick lines. The Razors provide the effect I’m looking for and are designed for ease of use with colored chrome caps that help you locate your favorite shades.

The brush is very fine but if you aren't comfortable with thin tips, don’t worry! For the most part the pointed applicator delivers good color payoff in one stroke but to avoid fumbling with faded areas and watery, inconsistent coverage you must shake the tubes well prior to application. Some shades may go on a tad streaky at first and require a bit more work to solidify but this is quite common of liquid formulas. The initial line will be super thin but you can thicken it up with more layers and flick out a nice, sharp wing. 

There are 20 dimensional, long-lasting shades in this range with a variety of finishes including lacquered creams and metallic shimmers. If you want to experiment with fun pops of color, some of my personal faves are the teal green called Deep End, Gold Rush, Chaos - a royal blue and Snake Bite (metallic bronze). The collection also has a nice range of everyday neutrals including a classic black called Perversion.

Simply put this formula is awesome! You get vivid pigmentation with a fade-proof, smudge-proof, water resistant finish that lasts all day and dries almost instantly! These babies hold up through sweat, humidity and runny eyes yet they are easily removable with a makeup wipe so you won’t wake up with raccoon eyes.

Bottom to top: Perversion, Cuff, Kush, Chaos, Fireball, Rush, Golden Rush, Deep End, Snakebite, Revolver and Bump

No matter which liquid liner you choose “practice makes perfect” but to make the task easier try using a creamy pencil liner first and then place your liquid liner on top. This provides a guide for straighter lines plus the layers of pencil underneath reinforces the color allowing my eye makeup to stay put until I choose to remove it.

The eyeliners retail for $27.00 each and are available at Sephora, select Shoppers Drug Mart locations and online at

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