Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Curl Keeper Review

Today’s article is dedicated to loose spirals, curvy ringlets and flowing waves because curly girls know that maintaining our do requires a little more effort. Curl Keeper has been on the beauty scene for years but I haven’t got around to testing the brand until recently. I was delighted to learn that they have expanded their line to include a wider selection of creams, mists, gels, leave-ins and straightening products to help keep frizz at bay and shine levels high.

We’ve all had to deal with snags and knots at some point of our lives and with curly hair loose strands can get trapped and cause tangles beyond your wildest dreams. The 30 Second Detangler is a water-based formula enriched with flower extracts and aloe that works by creating slip to loosen pesky knots. I usually prefer to detangle in the shower with lots of conditioner but when I want to revamp my curls the next day, I simply dampen with water, sprtiz on the spray and finger comb to form and smooth. To achieve sufficient slip I  apply a generous amount of product and the formula contains light conditioning agents to strengthen and revitalize. It retails for $17.50.

Total Frizz Control is probably something all curly girls need and the water-based, serum-like formula is effective in all weather conditions including heat and humidity. You can use a generous amount without causing any extra build-up and it keeps curls neat and well formed. I find that it works best in conjunction with a cream leave-in for more hold and the less you touch your hair while the curls are drying, the better they look. It retails for $17.50.

The Tweek “Hairspray” in a Cream is quite ingenious since creams seem to be more effective for maintaining curls than traditional alcohol infused hairsprays that can cause crunch and brittleness. This formula is easier to distribute throughout the hair and works well with the Total Control Serum to create bounce, shine and volume. It also eliminates frizz, flyaways and flat spots while keeping the shape of your curls tight and smooth with a non-greasy finish. Nourishing oils and extracts seal cuticles and improves the look of damaged ends so hair feels soft and moisturized. It retails for $23.00.

On many of my travel expeditions to the tropics I notice that after a dip in the salty ocean my hair feels incredibly soft and hydrated. The Blast of Ocean Air Spray captures the healing benefits of nature with pink Himalayan crystal salts that draw moisture out of the air and into the hair and skin! It strengthens balances, creates body and amplifies a wavy texture so curls look light and beautiful. You can mist this sweet spray all over the hair and body to prevent dryness and it feels quite refreshing! I use it as a finishing product and it works well with my other leave-ins without adding weight. You can pick up this beachy spray for $17.50.

Now that the temperature is cooler I can finally break out my flat iron! The ReMane Straight Serum can be applied to damp hair before heat styling to seal cuticles, smooth and shield without leaving behind a heavy residue. I usually use heat protectors in spray formulas that settle on the surface without being evenly distributed but this serum can be combed through consistently so that every strand is protected from damage. It also helps prolong your styles while maintaining a clean, fresh feeling. The serum retails for $17.50.

You can find all these great products and more at tradesecrets locations and at tradesecrets.ca

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