Monday, November 14, 2016

Mary Kay 2016 Holiday Collection: Satin Hands Pampering Set

I love the cooler seasons but winter wreaks havoc on the skin and nothing ruins a cute, festive mani like dry, rough hands and damaged cuticles. Just in time for the holidays Mary Kay has released the newly revamped Satin Hands Collection! Fans of these bestselling products can now enjoy the invigorating scent of white tea and citrus with the healing benefits of skin conditioning shea.

Each set comes with a Satin Smoothie Refining Scrub, Nourishing Hand Cream and Protecting Softener. The tea and citrus blend is infused with pink grapefruit, lemongrass, cardamom, cherry blossom and jasmine for an amazing aroma!

When it comes to soft, smooth skin, the hand scrub is a staple and I keep it on my bathroom sink by my hand soap for regular use. The granules in the new set aren't quite as gritty as previous formulas but they exfoliate rough, dry skin efficiently with a nice gel texture. I apply one pump of scrub with two pumps of regular soap each time I cleanse. This combo greatly improves the appearance and texture of my hands without being too abrasive. It also makes the perfect gift for the working man who needs to buff down those hard calluses. 

After exfoliation I use the hand creams to soften and moisturize. The light, refreshing texture eradicates dry areas without greasiness so I keep a tube in my purse and at my desk all winter long.

The fragrance-free collection contains shea and jojoba with all the same hydrating and replenishing properties. The scent is just as good as the white tea-citrus but slightly more natural- like soothing aloe. Those who have sensitive skin may prefer this range.

When your hands are in really bad shape and require immediate relief, the Protecting Softener has you covered! This formula takes care of flaky, peeling skin and unsightly dryness between the fingers for intense hydration and comfort! The texture is more like a thick, super moisturizing balm that lasts longer than cream and really helps repair and rejuvenate the look of skin for a youthful, supple finish. I've also found that the results remain even after hand-washing and although there is a slight residue it isn't bothersome. This is another fabulous product for men (which is why my husband keeps a tube at work) and for those who need to shield their hands from harsh environmental elements.

The Satin Hands Set makes a great gift for everyone on your list and retails for $51.00. 

Another part of the body that needs extra care and protection during winter is your lips. Vivid lipstick on chapped, peeling skin isn’t cute which is why you need the new Satin Lips Set. The Shea Sugar Scrub with white tea and citrus resurfaces with fine granules and buffs away rough skin to prep lips for moisture. Since the scrub is gentle it can be used more regularly prior to applying lip color or before bed. The Shea Butter Balm is light, creamy and non-greasy to keep lips moist, soft and radiant. The set makes a great gift, stocking stuffer or care package addition and retails for $32.00.

You can purchase these great products at or through independent consultants. 

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