Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Eye Shadow Review

This year Urban Decay has really raised the bar when it comes to extreme glitter and they refer to the new Moondust Eye Shadows as the “sparkliest of them all.” I am a huge fan of the pressed Moondust pigments but admittedly cream shadows are not my cup of tea. I usually find the formulas messy, hard to work with and a bit uncomfortable but since I love UD I thought they might be one of the only brands that could change my mind.

When it comes to intense, iridescent sparkle this range has it going on! The shade selection is beautiful and the names are fitting since they do look otherworldly. The finish has a 3-D metallic effect to resemble shimmering diamonds (which is stunning) and although they are meant to be eye shadows I see no reason why you couldn’t get creative and use them on the lips...isn’t a glamorous pout on-fleek?

The packaging is clear so you can see the colors and they sort-of look like lip gloss (I was totally fooled). The applicator is a small pointed brush which allows you to use the pigment as eyeliner but the size and shape makes all-over lid application a bit difficult. If the pigments are meant to be eye shadow’’ I would have preferred a more suitable applicator to reduce the amount of stokes it takes to achieve even, opaque coverage. I also recommend shaking or mixing the pigment prior to use because the liquid and glitter may separate resulting in sheer, damp, patchy color. 

Now let’s talk about that wet, creamy consistency that makes me avoid liquid shadow all-together. I don’t really like the damp, cool texture against my skin especially since it doesn’t dry right away. I also have to blink carefully so the wet glitter doesn't transfer (I have no patience for the clean-up). Like most liquid shadow accompanied by small liner brushes, many of the shades initially apply streaky but with a few well placed layers some of them can be evened out for mediocre coverage.

The shade that delivered most in terms of color pay-off was the purple - (Magentic) and the least usable was Chem Trial which swatched thin, watery and clumpy.

(From top to bottom) Spacetime, zap, Magentic, Chem Trial, Zodiac, Recharged and Solice.

Most shades are very sheer but some have the ability to be intensified a bit more. The cream is watery but dries down like a lacquer which keeps the pigment in place and actually seems less messy to work with than pressed or loose glitter. Unfortunately the streaky appearance was not so neat but I didn't experience much transfer, creasing or fading and very few particles stray or scatter once everything sets.

Overall I think these multi-dimensional, brilliant shades are fun to play around with if you are looking for a soft wash of glitter but most didn't deliver the smooth, even, vividness I expected. The shadows retail for $29.00 each and are available at Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart, and

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