Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Quo Cosmetics Artisan Makeup Brush Set Review

I know it’s kind of my job to keep up with new beauty trends but admittedly I haven’t had much time to check out the circle brushes that have become so popular. Makeup junkies are always finding new ways to buff, stipple and blend but these round brushes (that remind me of classic Victorian hair brushes) are designed to provide a flawless finish and seamless coverage.

Quo’s Holiday Collection at Shoppers Drug Mart this year will include a beautiful 10 piece set of Artisan round brushes for the face, eyes and lips – everything you need to create a complete look. The brushes come in various shapes and sizes and I love how plush, soft and densely packed the bristles are. The quality is fantastic and the flexible handles allow you to manoeuvre around the contours of the face with ease.

The big face brushes for foundation, blush, highlighter and powder are my favorites! The large application surface is ideal for body makeup and they buff in liquid formulas efficiently. I usually apply a few dabs of foundation and blend in a circular motion to diminish streaks and lines. The soft, broad surface evenly distributes creams and gels and fits into the hollows of the face to sculpt your profile.

The box outlines what each brush is designed for but it would have been helpful if that information was printed on the handles. I still find myself opting for my Beauty Blender out of habit but it’s always a good idea to have a few tools on-hand for different tasks and these feel gentle and soft against the skin. You can use them to achieve light, barely-there coverage for a natural effect or heavier camouflaging with a smooth, even finish. The smaller oval brushes are great for layering concealer under the eyes and accessing hard to reach areas.

The smaller brushes are ideal for lipstick application, lining the eyelids, defining the crease to create beautiful eye looks and shaping the nose.

This set is great for professional artists or everyday use and makes a fabulous gift for the makeup lovers on your holiday list. It retails for $79.00 exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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