Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Lug Via Travel Bag Review - Pack Like a Pro

Being a Travel Editor gives me the opportunity to visit amazing destinations, resorts, attractions and restaurants that showcase cultural and entertainment highlights. I love exploring exotic cities and sharing my personal experience and tips to help make your vacations more enjoyable but it also means a lot of packing and un-packing.

Over the years I’ve become somewhat of a packing expert and having the right accessories makes the task much easier. Lug is a company that creates stylish bags of all kinds – from totes and backpacks to gym bags and cross body designs. The brand is well known for fusing style and functionality with bold color, sensational patterns and organizational details like you’ve never seen before!

I chose the Via Travel Bag ($145.00) in Cranberry for my recent trip to Portugal and Madrid because the 3-in-1, waterproof design has it all! It functions as a backpack, tote and carry-on with a long, detachable shoulder strap.

When it comes to staying organized this bag is the ultimate travel companion. There are pockets everywhere and I’m still discovering new ways to use it. There are 2 slip pockets in the front – the smaller one is great for cell phones and things you need quick access to while the larger one stores electronics like your iPad or laptop. Make sure not to keep anything valuable in the front pockets that don’t have zippers because they could slip out and give thieves easy access when your back is turned.

The front pocket also has a zippered flap with a place for ID/business cards underneath and the bottom zippered pocket is insulated for food and snacks – handy for picnics and camping trips.

From the outside the bag may not look very big but it is. The main compartment is lined with more pockets (including a soft-line accessories section) and it opens wide and deep so I can pack clothes, toiletries, makeup and more. It holds an incredible amount of stuff even for a beauty addict like me and it is usually the only bag I need for road trips or weekend getaways.

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The back of the bag is just as impressive with even more pockets and a ventilated compartment for shoes. The backpack straps can be unclasped at the bottom and tucked inside while the long travel strap is completely removable. There are also 2 water bottle/umbrella pouches at the side which is perfect for the gym or nature hikes.

For short trips this bag is amazing but if you are going on a long, international holiday and packing a bit heavier, it may not be the best option since there are no wheels. The straps and material is very durable and well made to handle anything life throws at it.

To style my bag and for security reasons, I attached one of Lug’s cute luggage/ID tags ($17.00) in the front.

The fantastic sales reps at Lug also gave me the Stowaway 6 Piece Packing set ($65.00) which comes with:
*1medium container
*2 mesh bags
*1 clear pouch
*1 small container
*1drawstring mesh bag –great for storing dirty laundry or wet swimsuits

This set is made of water resistant material ideal for jewellery, food, toiletries, makeup and other essentials plus I love that all the pieces fit neatly inside one pouch that also matches my Via Travel bag!

With the gift card I received, I also picked up the water-repellent Pilot Mini Travel Wallet ($30.00) – perfect for holding your passport, boarding passes, a few cards and a pen.

Lug is available online at

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