Monday, November 20, 2017

Elicina Snail Cream Review

For the sake of clear beautiful skin, I’ve been slathering snail secretion on my face. I know how it sounds, I still can’t believe it myself but this odd ingredient has been gaining popularity and can be found in many Korean skincare products. The French sort of had the right idea when they made escargot a delicacy but Elicina was one of the first brands to create a cream with a high potency, effective formula. It is also important to note that no snails are harmed during harvesting and the moisturizer is composed of 80% organic Chilean snail essence – the only one of its kind on the market (according to the website).

So why use these sluggish little garden dwellers for beauty? Well some of the benefits of snail extract include the following:
*Exfoliates and eliminates damaged cells.
*Destroys pathogens, heals and regenerates damaged tissue.
*Fades stretch marks, age spots, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, redness and imperfections.
*Increases density, moisture and firmness.
*Prevents acne and clears up scarring.
*Improves texture and tone.
*Protects from environmental hazards including UV.
*Diminishes the look of fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet.
*Minimizes enlarged pores.

Feeling a little less grossed out now? Good because this stuff is awesome! Once I began using the cream and started seeing results I got over my initial hesitation pretty fast.

The first thing I did when I received the products was sniff them. The cream is fragrance-free so the scent is quite neutral. It definitely doesn’t smell the way you’d expect (thank goodness) and the texture is lightweight and non-greasy (perfectly normal). I apply the lotion to clean, dry skin after cleansing and the lush formula seeps in deeply with a nice supple finish.

During the dry Canadian winters my face needs a serious moisture boost and the cream does just that. My skin feels plump, smooth, soft and refreshed plus the fast absorption makes it suitable to wear under makeup.

I knew the secretion was working its magic when strangers started noticing how clear my skin looks and inquiring about my beauty routine. At one point I had the attention of an entire table of beauty experts trying to explain the whole snail thing without grossing anyone out. They thought my skin looked “flawless” and “blemish-free” which is exactly what women hope for while loading their cart with skincare.

Along with even skin tone and texture, I haven’t had as many annoying pimple pop-ups and my blemishes seem to be fading nicely. My face also appears bright, healthy and rejuvenated. I do use a lot of luxury and high-end skincare which also play a part in the health and resiliency of my complexion but the cream works well with other products and seems to enhance results. 

The moisturizer has a blend of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that are compatible with the structure of human skin which may account for its success. Since the formula is all-natural, everyone can use it – men, women and children (the whole family will look amazing). It is also free of colorants and enriched with protein to fortify, regenerate and enhance youthful vitality. I like to layer oils and serums on top to create a night mask and in the morning my skin is dewy and velvety. Results may not be evident overnight but if you stick with it the process seems to work.

I’ve been using the Elicina Cream every night and I even have the pocket size (never thought I’d be carrying snail cream in my purse) but I’m totally hooked. My advice – don’t think about where it comes from just try it! Some of the best ingredients are harvested from nature and this weird secretion may be exactly what your skin needs to thrive.

Elicina Snail Cream is available online at and prices vary by size. 

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