Monday, November 27, 2017

Lush 2017 Holiday Collection

If you want to put a smile on someone’s face this holiday season pop a Lush Bubble Bar or Bath Bomb in their stocking and watch them light up with joy. No matter how hectic life gets slipping into a warm bath filled with colorful suds and cheerful scents helps melt the stress away.

Today I’m sharing a few limited edition items from the Lush Holiday Collection that have been sitting on my desk and filling the entire room with mouth-watering aromas. One of my favorite combinations ever is mint-chocolate (whoever decided to pair these two ingredients was a genius). The ice cream flavor is to die for and so is the Thundersnow Bath Bomb ($6.95). It froths up into a delicious blue-green foam that smells like hot chocolate (try not to eat it) and the healing oils make your entire body feel velvety smooth.

If you haven’t tried a Lush Body Conditioner what are you waiting for?! These decadent butters nourish, soften and deeply hydrate to leave you feeling supple and silky all winter. Buck’s Fizz ($13.95) is perfect for a little self-pampering and relaxation. The yellow flower pot (that’s what it looks like to me) contains an abundance of natural oils with a yummy citrus-champagne sent that tantalizes the senses. Simply rub the creamy bar onto damp skin, rinse lightly and pat dry.

In the words of Lush “Christmas ain’t complete without your two front teeth” (I’m laughing so hard right now). This delectable little Bubble Bar ($7.95) is almost too cute to use but the sweet vanilla tonka bean bubbles smell like candy and a heavy helping of neroli and lavender oil revitalizes you from head-to-toe. Crumble this funny looking bar under running water and watch with pleasure as your bathtub fills with pink bubbles!

Who could resist a shower gel called Berry Berry Christmas? I mean come on, it’s just too adorable to pass up and the festive cranberry infusion is loaded with antioxidants, blueberry juice and other scrumptious ingredients. I mostly smell citrus (maybe orange) but the color and shimmer makes bath time a lot more enjoyable with cascades of fruity lather. The 250 ml bottle retails for $23.95.

These products are available at Lush stores nationwide for a limited time only and online at

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