Thursday, November 9, 2017

Hidrate Spark Water Bottle Review - Never Forget to Drink Water

Water - the "life giving liquid" is essential for the transportation of nutrients, digestion, circulation and proper cell function to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The human body is about 60% water and although it is important to monitor fluid intake, many of us aren’t drinking enough. Today I challenge you to stop and ask yourself - how often did you stop for a replenishing sip? 

As a Beauty Editor I know that dehydration can lead to dry skin, fragile nails and brittle hair but it can also cause lethargy, muscle cramps and headaches. After suffering from frequent migraines and dry eyes, I decided it was time for a change. I’m no health guru but I try to eat well and workout when I can. Simple improvements can make a big impact on your sense of well being which is why I decided to try the Hidrate Spark Water Bottle and I absolutely love it!

I came across Hidrate Spark while scrolling through Instagram and I was so impressed by their innovate concept that I decided to collaborate with the brand and help spread the word. This bottle is like no other on the market – think of it as own your personal wellness coach that reminds you to stay hydrated throughout the day. Whether you’re at work, pumping iron at the gym or vacationing in the tropics, the bottle will keep track of your fluid intake (even when you aren’t) and glow when it’s time to drink more.

The bottle is available in a variety of trendy shades and when you reach your intake goal it celebrates by flashing. The internal sensor keeps track of how much you drink by syncing to an iOS and Android app via blue tooth and integrates with Fit Bit, Apple Watch, Apple Health Fit, Google Fit, Under Armour Record and Nokia. I downloaded the app on my phone for easy access and my results were surprising!

App Features
*The map shows the last place you were paired with your bottle in case you lose it.
*Customized hydration goals – the home page makes it easy to keep track of your daily progress by displaying the amount of water you drink as a percentage and in ml plus how many bottles you have left to meet your goal.
*Connect with friends who use the app for extra encouragement.
*You can add the glasses of water you drink outside of your bottle (it all counts!).
*In settings manage glow and push notifications.
*The graphs record the exact time you take each drink to determine when you need to pick up the slack. They also record your daily, weekly and monthly progress.
*Adjust intake requirements based on temperature/seasonal changes or workout schedule. 

I had a minor issue with the app on the first day when it cleared all my data but I was able to add each amount again from the hourly drink chart. Aside from some delayed syncing between the app and the bottle (which could be due to WiFi connectivity), I experienced no major issues.

Assembling the bottle took a little patience because you must make sure that everything is aligned and properly in place to prevent damage to the battery. The instruction manual could have been a bit clearer when describing all the parts but the bottle is easy to maintain.

I like the easy release cap - at the press of a button it pops open and snaps back into place to prevent leaks. Be careful to screw the cap on tightly and remember that any water spilled through the mouthpiece will count as water you drank.

My results
After 2 week of using the bottle I realized that my fluid intake was more appalling than anticipated. I wasn’t drinking the recommended daily amount and went many hours without even realizing I was thirsty. In the morning I drink coffee (which doesn't really count) and sometimes I go without water for prolonged periods before binge drinking a few glasses before bed. My results weren’t all bad, some days I drank about 78% but my intake isn't very consistent. The app lets me know when I slacked off most (usually at work) and I receive a friendly kick in the pants when it is time to hydrate. The soft glow is a beautiful reminder to fuel your body and the bottle is so pretty that you will want to take it everywhere.

The positive effects of hydration also correlate to weight loss because drinking water helps burn more calories and I felt much fuller which reduced my need to snack throughout the day. My Hidrate Spark keeps me motivated and my headaches are less frequent. I’ve also become conditioned to incorporate water in my daily routine which is exactly what I wanted! 

During the dry, harsh winter it is just as important to prevent dehydration as it is in the summer and doing so helps boost the immune system to fight off cold and flu season.

This is the best water bottle I have ever owned and it makes a fabulous gift for everyone on your holiday list. The Hidrate Spark retails for $49.95 at

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