Monday, January 29, 2018

Kerastase Discipline Collection Review

The only part of my beauty routine that takes longer that my weekly facial is my hair care regiment. Despite drastic fluctuations in temperature, my luscious mane has remained silky, shiny and strong all winter. One of my secret weapons is the Kerastase Discipline Collection - a professional salon system designed to moisturize, replenish and tame unruly hair.

I start with the Bain Fluidealiste Smooth-In-Motion Shampoo ($45.00) which smells amazing! The lightweight formula foams into a rich lather that thoroughly cleanses from root to tip while eliminating build-up on the scalp. It also rinses away excess oil, product gunk and impurities without leaving my hair dry and brittle. Unlike many drugstore brands, this shampoo produces long-lasting results so my hair stays fresh and clean for days!

Washing your hair too often may result in dryness, itchy scalp, weakened follicles and irritation. You must allow some of the natural oil to spread in order to hydrate and nourish damaged stands. This sounds good in theory but sometimes life has other plans. After a grueling workout (resulting in lots of perspiration) I have to wash my hair but using sulfates everyday is not an option. A great product for those looking to cut back on strong cleansers while enhancing moisture and strength is the Curl Ideal Cleansing Conditioner ($70.00). Even if you don’t have curls or waves this is a great alternative to frequent shampooing. The silky, sulfate-free formula gently cleans and refreshes for smooth, soft hair that smells fantastic with no limpness. You can use it on the scalp without creating build-up and it rejuvenates rough ends while keeping your spirals perfectly formed. It is also free of silicone and helps detangle.

There are few beauty products I love more than a good deep conditioner for total hair revival. If your strands are frizzy, dry or dull then it’s time for a hydration treatment. The Masque Curl Ideal ($65.00) contains Pro Keratine and Elastin to fortify and protect weak over-processed hair. The rich conditioner coats every strand to nourish, heal and soften while minimizing the damaging effects of heat styling, environmental aggressors and coloring. I use a hair mask once a week to maintain length, moisture and health plus this formula leaves my tresses bouncy, glossy and extremely supple with fewer split-ends. It also keeps curls and waves voluminous, neat and manageable. The instructions indicate a treatment time of just 5 minutes but I usually leave it on for 2 hours which seems to work best for me.

After cleansing and conditioning I spritz on the Fluidissime Morpho-Keratin Leave-In Spray ($57.00) to tame frizz and reduce flyaways. It also makes blow drying more efficient and creates a smooth, sleek finish for body and movement.

I use the spray in combination with the Keratine Thermique Taming Milk ($48.00) before flat ironing because applying heat protectant is very important. This light leave-in helps shield hair from thermal damage while maintaining moisture, reducing frizz and protecting from humidity. You may think humidity isn’t an issue in the winter but you’d be wrong. While taking a hot shower (even with a cap on) your hair can get steamed which may undo hours of styling.

Kerastase is available at salons nationwide, to find a retailer near you visit the website at

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