Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Skincare Travel Essentials – Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Collection

Being a Travel Editor is exciting! I have the opportunity to explore exotic destinations all over the world and experience fascinating cultures, ancient civilizations and stunning architecture. It also means a lot of air travel which is my least favorite part of the journey. At the end of a long flight I always emerge looking like a zombie (no matter how comfortable it is in first class) and the dry re-circulated air only makes matters worse. According to The World Health Organization, the humidity on airplanes is usually less than 20% which is 5% less than the average humidity in the Sahara Dessert. These conditions dry out the skin which causes oil glands to overproduce resulting in a greasy, haggard complexion. I also notice that my skin is more prone to abnormal breakouts and irritation during travel which is very annoying.

To help combat extreme climates, dehydration and dullness I’ve been fighting back with Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Collection. I’ve actually been using the original Skin Protectant Balm ($29.00) for years now because it soothes irritation, redness, itchiness, dryness, rashes, burns and hives. Anytime I have a skin concern or problem I slather some on to heal, calm and deeply nourish. I’ve even spoken to celebrity makeup artists and stylists who use the balm backstage at major fashion shows and events – they call it their “secret weapon.” It works wonders on dry hands, nails, rough cuticles and feet while alleviating symptoms of chapping, peeling and windburn. The original formula enriched with Vitamn E and beta-hydroxy is thick and Vaseline-like with a strong scent that reminds me of muscle rub or medicinal ointment. I don’t mind the aroma but an unscented version is also available. The balm melts in quickly and begins repairing and moisturizing right away so I always take it on vacation.

The Advanced Ceramide Capsules ($98.00 for 60) are perfect for travel because they come packaged in little pods that you can pop in your purse or pocket and whip out when your skin feels parched. Ceramide reinforces the skin’s natural moisture barrier to prevent dehydration and a blend of potent botanicals, extracts and oils help smooth, restore and firm to diminish the signs of aging. There is more than enough serum per capsule and I like to apply it before bed as a restorative night treatment.

For head-to-toe hydration you should definitely pack the All-Over Miracle Oil ($36.00) for face, body and hair. The formula smells fantastic and dispenses as a lightweight mist that absorbs quickly with a healthy sheen. There is no greasy residue, heaviness or transfer and it helps replenish damaged hair and flaky skin with a blend of grape seed, avocado, olive and castor oils. Use it prior to take-off and again before landing to maintain a healthy moisture balance.

The Intensive Lip Repair Balm ($29.00) heals, restores and locks-in moisture with a rich blend of oils and lush butters. Before closing the shade and settling in for a nap at 30,000 ft, apply the balm liberally for a soft, chap-free pout.

Elizabeth Arden is available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Hudson’s Bay, London Drugs and online at Visit the website by clicking HERE.

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