Friday, January 19, 2018

T3 Convertible Curling Iron Review

Whether you crave loose flowing curls, carefree waves or bombshell ringlets T3 has you covered. This curling iron is the ultimate styling tool and the only one you’ll need to achieve everyday elegance and glamorous volume for all occasions.

The unique Convertible Base ($100.00) is the core piece of the collection. It has a built-in locking mechanism that allows you to interchange the barrel attachments and create different types of curls.

Enhanced with Single Pass Technology, heat is distributed evenly so you don’t have to repeatedly re-curl each section. An internal microchip controls temperature fluctuations to help prevent damage and ensure beautifully formed waves.

Unfortunately the curling iron does not have a digital readout to show the exact temperature at each level but there are 5 heat settings to accommodate all hair types. One (200˚F) and two (300˚F) are suitable for fine, damaged or chemically treated hair. Setting three (350˚ F), four (390˚F) or five (410˚F) work best for normal to thick hair. You can adjust the temperature by using the power button and remember to apply a thermal protectant prior to styling.

Changing the barrel attachment was a bit tricky at first so refer to the user guide included in the box for proper alignment and locking instructions. It becomes quite easy once you get the hang of it.

Along with the base, T3 sent me the entire range of interchangeable curlers so I was able to try different styles and techniques. It is important to note that some of the curlers do not have a barrel clip to grip the hair so you may need the Styling Glove ($15.00) to protect your hand as you wrap each section.

The attachments retail for $85.00 each and include:

Cascading Waves

Voluminous Curls

Tousled Waves

Undone Waves

Loose Waves

Polished Curls

Defined Curls

For date night I used the Cascading Waves attachment and finger combed my hair to loosen the curls and create volume. The barrel heats up very quickly and I found it simple to use. I have long hair which usually takes forever to curl but this tool did the job quickly and efficiently. I like that I didn’t have to hold each section around the barrel for too long so there was no damage and the high-tech ceramic helps seal cuticles for shiny, frizz-free results.

What I like most about the curling iron is that I don't have to use a holding product after styling so there is no drying crunch from hairspray, mousse or gel. My bouncy, soft curls lasted all night and before bed I applied some serum to re-hydrate them, twisted my hair into a bun and awoke with fresh, soft waves that lasted 3 days!

One of my favorite attachments is Defined Curls which makes beautiful elongated ringlets. The curls lasted a few days and transformed into silky loose waves. The individual barrels cannot be used without the Convertible Base but there are so many options!

I’m not sure there is enough distinction between some of the curling barrels to justify having all of the attachments – for example Polished Curls may not be necessary because the curlers all produce a polished look. Lose Waves, Undone Waves and Cascading Waves resulted in similar curls with varying diameter but Voluminous Curls created much larger ringlets. When choosing a curler it’s best to determine which shape and finish you prefer. I recommend starting with both a small and large barrel for more variety.

I wish the curling iron came with some type of carrying case for travel but overall it is one of the best stylers I've tried. T3 is available at Sephora, Bed Bath & Beyond, Urban Outfitters and online at and

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