Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Maui Moisture Curl Quench Hair Care Review

My hair loves winter. There is no heat, zero humidity and minimal perspiration so my blowout lasts for days! When the temperature drops I use my flat iron to create low maintenance, sleek styles that can be finger combed and tousled before I’m out the door living my best life.

When summer rolls around things get complicated. The UV index rises to unbearable levels and I can barely walk a block without feeling sticky, tired and miserable. My hair seems to reflect the weather and respond accordingly so I embrace my natural curls and try to control the frizz.

Don’t get me wrong, I like curls... on other people but I don’t have the patience to wet my hair every morning, detangle, slather on conditioners and apply leave-ins that keep my spirals from looking like a fluffy mess. On the bright side, taking a break from heat styling gives my hair time to recuperate and grow.

Another way I’ve been coping with the heat is by using products specifically designed for maintaining the health of my ringlets. Maui Moisture’s Curl Quench Collection is infused with coconut oil, papaya, flower extract and nourishing emollients to prevent dryness and enhance body, bounce, shine and strength. The entire range contains no mineral oil, silicone, gluten, sulfates or synthetic dye and the first ingredient is always 100% pure aloe juice.

The shampoo is a treat for the senses! It makes my bathroom smell like a tropical oasis and I love the rich frothy bubbles. The lather cleanses from root to tip, breaking down build-up, rinsing away sweat and eliminating impurities without stripping natural oils, drying out my scalp or causing brittleness.

The luscious conditioner is great for detangling, moisturizing and softening without weighing down my strands. Comb it through evenly and leave it on for about 10 minutes in the shower to enhance your curl pattern and smooth roughness.

If you want amazing definition, apply the Curl Quench Smoothie to damp hair and style as usual. The thick cream functions as a leave-in conditioner but hydrates like a treatment masque without stickiness or heavy residue. It revitalizes my spirals, enhances springiness, prevents frizz, and keeps things neat, supple and super shiny. I don’t think my hair has ever looked so curly!

If you need lots of hydration with anti-breakage protection, one of my favorite collections is Maui Moisture Agave. The shampoo and conditioner smell amazing and together they cleanse, refresh moisturize and reduce shedding.

The invigorating formula is infused with hibiscus oil and pineapple extract to fortify and replenish chemically treated, damaged hair. It also works on healthy hair in need of a little rejuvenation.

The Agave Mask works wonders and I highly recommend it if soft, manageable hair is something you strive for. I leave it on for about 2-3 hours and my tendrils feel incredibly supple, bouncy and light with lots of movement and shine. When used frequently it also seems to prevent split-ends, static and flyaways.

These products retail for about $10.99 each at major drugstores across Canada and online at

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