Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Raincry Hair Treatments and Brushes

Winter can be harsh on skin and hair. Frigid temperatures, indoor heating and hard water may cause dryness, flaking, build-up, dullness, breakage and scalp irritation that should to be treated regularly to prevent brittleness and shedding.

At least twice a month I pamper myself with nourishing hair products that help retain length, prevent heat damage, moisturize and soften my bouncy curls.

Start by deep cleansing your hair and scalp with the Raincry Polishing Wash ($44.00) infused with sea kelp, activated charcoal, hibiscus and green tea. The illuminating formula buffs and exfoliates to eliminate impurities, hard water, product build-up, dirt, excess oil, dust and pollutants. It balances pH, reduces hair loss, strengthens fraying ends and keeps my locks soft, supple and glossy without stripping the cuticle with drying sulphates.

When your hair needs to be clarified and renewed, this shampoo brings it back to life!

For soft, silky, shiny hair, apply the Radiance Rinse ($48.00) and comb through to distribute evenly. Like the wash, this color safe formula is paraben, sulphate, phthalate and cruelty free - formulated with fortifying keratin, amino acids, lavender extract and cherry vinegar to neutralize hard water.

Vitamin extracts and protein fortify weak strands to reduce split ends, prevent breakage and promote shiny flowing hair. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes in a steamy shower or mix with a treatment mask for 30 mins - 1 hour.

The lush cream makes my tendrils feel soft and healthy with a high-gloss mirror-like finish - perfect pre-styling treatment for salon quality blowouts. 

As someone with waist length hair I know how difficult it is to prevent tangles but the Raincry Brilliance Detangling Spray ($46.00) drenches each strand in a lightweight, non-greasy clear coat that helps you comb through pesky knots with ease. Slippery elm bark provides exceptional glide while nourishing extracts, flower oils and antioxidants boost hydration and shine. Curly girls will love this leave-in because it keeps spirals frizz free and well defined.

Raincry’s Large Natural Bristle Condition Brush ($153.00) is expertly crafted to provide many health benefits.

Use it to:
*Improve circulation to scalp and follicles.
*Brush and smooth your hair back into a sleek ponytail, bun or updo with no flywaways.
*Massage the scalp to promote growth and thickness.
*Distribute natural oils, serums and treatments to condition from root to tip.
*Keep hair straight, shiny and tangle free while flat ironing.
*Tame baby hairs, edges and frizz.
*Exfoliate the scalp.

I keep the travel-size Restore Paddle Brush ($114.00) in my purse at all times. The reinforced high quality boar bristles deeply penetrate the root area and feels amazing on the scalp. You'll love the hand painted Italian design and all the brushes come with a storage bag for safe keeping and travel.

Raincry products are available online at and

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