Monday, April 13, 2020

Fruits & Passion Cucina Collection: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products For The Home

In the midst of the most devastating pandemic of our generation we are all practicing physical distancing and self-isolation to keep our loved ones safe.

Thanks to a few well prepared family members I have all the masks, gloves, sanitizer and disinfectant I need to help fend off the virus. If you can’t find these essentials at grocery stores or pharmacies, there are many other places that sell hand soap, dish detergent and all-purpose cleaner. Don’t let empty shelves deter you. Online shopping is still an option and Avon offers a wide selection of luxurious Fruits & Passion Cucina products that smell amazing and keep skin soft.

The Coriander and Olive Oil All-Purpose Cleaner ($10.00) is safe and effective for all non-porous surfaces. It is made from eco-conscious renewable ingredients like coconut oil and palm kernel.

Coriander is my favorite herb to cook with and I love the exotic Mediterranean aroma. The biodegradable, cruelty-free formula does not contain formaldehyde, phthalates, chlorine or parabens making it safe to use around children and pets.

Use it to keep your entire house clean and germ-free including the kitchen, bathroom, doorknobs, light switches and other commonly touched surfaces.

Being cooped up inside is not all bad. Many of us are eating healthier and preparing more home cooked meals. Unfortunately this also means washing more dishes so I’ve been using the Coriander and Olive Oil Concentrated Detergent ($9.00). This fragrant soap is biodegradable and free of harmful chemicals.

Although we have a dishwasher, baked-on food still needs to be scrubbed by hand. This powerful degreaser makes dinnerware sparkle without damaging skin and it smells amazing!

We’ve all been washing our hands more frequently so the Cucina Lime Zest and Cyprus soap and hand lotion ($24.00 ea) are in all my bathrooms. This collection was designed to infuse your space with freshness and create an aromatic escape to the Italian countryside.

The soap eliminates contaminants and unwanted food odors after cooking plus the gentle lather leaves hands soft and nourished.

Hand sanitizer has become a staple but often causes excessive dryness. The Cucina lightweight hydrating lotion prevents peeling, flaking, roughness and discomfort. Formulated to care for hands in the kitchen, the cream is enriched with olive oil and shea butter to nourish and renew with a non-greasy finish.

The purse/pocket-size hand creams ($12.00) have a rich consistency to heal, moisturize and protect dry hands, nails and cuticles. They contain cold pressed olive oil, lush butters and conditioning extracts that make skin feel soft and supple.

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