Saturday, August 3, 2013

Blue and Silver Wedding

Last night my husband and I attended the wedding of our friends.  My hubby was one of the groomsmen and I met some very nice people. The drinks were flowing, the music was great and before I knew it after several glasses of wine, some rum and coke and a slushy red drink that I can’t recall the name of, the room began to pulsate and I couldn't seem to walk without holding on to my husband for support. I usually don’t drink very much so I am a lightweight when it comes to alcohol but when I am drunk (as I will admit I was) I turn into everyone’s best friend lol. Needless to say we had a blast and I am feeling a bit dizzy this morning but nothing that I can’t handle.

The wedding color theme was blue, silver and sparkles. The entire ballroom was cast under a blue haze with lots of pretty glitter. There was an antipasto bar, cocktails following the ceremony and an artist doing sketches of the guests. They had a great comedic MC and a good DJ.

The head table was beautiful and the cake was handmade by one of the bridesmaids. The night was filled with many touching moments and lots of entertainment.

For dinner we were served pasta, salad, chicken with veggies and potatoes and then an assortment of ice cream for dessert. Later on in the night there was another dessert bar with a chocolate fountain and a candy bar.

I loved seeing those special moments the bride and groom shared looking into each other’s eyes and holding hands like no one else was in the room. It reminded me of the warm fuzzy feeling I had on my own wedding day being surrounded by my family and friends and marrying the man I love.

I may do a post on my wedding soon  since it is wedding season.

Congratulations to the couple, I wish you a happy life and a marriage filled with love.


  1. Aww wow that looks so beautiful! I want something like this when I get re-married. We didn't have a big ceremony, so we're going to have a big one later on. Glad you had fun!

    1. I love weddings! I had a big wedding, I'll probably do a post on it.

  2. Wow i love the whole blue theme. Beautiful.Great photos.

    1. Yeah, I'm not a huge blue fan but it did look pretty


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