Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Miley Cyrus twerking her way into backlash

Many of you saw the controversial performance Miley Cryrus gave at the MVA’s when she lizard tongued the audience and twerked her way into a whole slew of backlash. People were shocked, appalled and even furious at the young stars erratic and inappropriately lewd behavior.

Was I shocked by her performance? No, and the reason being is not because I agreed with it but because women behaving in that manner to illicit public attention isn't a new concept. Women are exploited in the media all the time; so much so that the public may be desensitized to all the skin. What I found disturbing was the fact that such a young woman felt the need to stoop to that level to gain attention and create an image for herself. Many people viewed the performance as an indecent failure and an atrocity, but Miley got the buzz she craved and even seems proud of all the press she has twerked up.

Robin Thicke used a similar tactic for his music video Blurred Lines when he used the women in the video to stir up controversy and attention, so he isn't an innocent twerking bystander.

 It is bad enough that women are being exploited by other people, organizations, men and even themselves. At some point women have to take responsibility for the choices they make. Women should care about how they are viewed and how their actions affect other women and girls because when you change the way the world perceives women, it changes the way the world treats women. As boundaries are pushed so is the behavior and attitudes of the people exposed to this culture. 

My dad said it very simply, “respect yourself and others will do the same.”

What did you think of Miley's performance?


  1. I felt more uneasy with the teddy bears. It gave it a pedophile feel to it.

  2. I was speechless and to think that I used to like her when he did Hannah Montana. It's really sad that these young celebrities need that much attention in there lives and they are not happy being just who they are. I truly feel sorry and bad for her parents and for her kids when she has them

  3. Whatever the reason was, i always loved Miley but now she's like a slut to me who would do anything for publicity. I don't understand, she is famous and her songs are awesome, why would she need to do such stupid acts. It makes her look desperate.

    I get unintentional stints like what happened with pitbull when he got erection for j lo but this is immature.

    Grow up seriously.


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