Monday, August 12, 2013

Fun Summer Date Ideas

It is important for every couple whether they are dating, married, young, or old to spend quality time together and keep the fun and passion in the relationship. I think what makes my husband and I so happy together is the fact that we genuinely love spending time together and having a good time. We laugh a lot, and we love embarking on new adventures together.

I have a list of great summer date ideas that are fun and that will accommodate different budgets so let’s get started!

1. Movie night:
Taken from Pinterest
I don’t know about you but I love a good movie so here are some ideas to have a superb movie date.
*Traditional movie at a cinema
*Rent a movie or watch one at home. You don’t always have to leave the house to have a great time, cuddling up on the couch with some snacks can be a nice relaxing evening.
*Movie in the park:  Check to see if there are any free outdoor movies playing at parks in your area, in my city they have outdoor movies in the city square.
*Go to a drive-in
*Set up a makeshift screen in the backyard!

2. Beach day:
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Spend the day strolling at the beach and lounging in the shade with some good food.

3. Get pampered:
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If you have both had a hectic week why not unwind with a spa day or weekend. Soak in the hot baths, lounge in the sauna and get a couples massage.

4. Take me out to the ballgame!
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If you or your significant other likes sports then attending a sporting event together can be a lot of fun.

5. Share a meal
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*A romantic picnic in the park can be just as great as going out to a fancy restaurant.
*Patio evening: Find a nice outdoor patio, sit out with a good bottle of wine and enjoy the conversation and atmosphere.
*Romantic dinner: A traditional dinner out at your favorite restaurant never gets old.
*Summer barbecues: Summer is the season to gas up the grill so attend some barbecues together.
*Dinner cruise
6. Road trip:
From Pinterest
Grab a map and head out to wherever you want to go! Stop along the way, have lunch, visit some sites and even spend the night at a cozy bed and breakfast.

7. Fun around town:
From Pinterest
Go online and check out what is happening around town. There are usually lots of events going on that you could attend together.
*Music festivals
*Theme parks
*Food festivals
*Wine tasting
*Fruit picking (I love fresh berries and cherries)
*Go to a night club or trendy lounge

8. Camping under the stars:
From Pinterest
Camping can be a great way to spend some quality time as a couple. Making a fire and spending the night under the stars can be quite intimate and enjoyable. If the idea of sleeping in a tent doesn't appeal to you rent a cozy cabin or camp out in the backyard!

9. Get Active:
From Pinterest
If you both enjoy physical activity then try out some of these:
*Summer hike
*Play a sport  together
*Bike riding
*Go carting
*Rock Climbing
*Mini Golf
*Horseback riding
The possibilities are endless!

10. Take a class together:
From Pinterest
Whether it is something you have always wanted to try or something you enjoy, share in the experience together. There are many classes you can take as a couple
*Yoga class
*Zumba (aerobics class)
*Cooking class
*Dance class

If you have anything to add to the list  leave a comment and let me know!

All photos in this post were taken from, original sources can be found on Pinterest or from the person who pinned the image.. 


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  3. Cute ideas :)
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  4. I love all your ideas hun, would do every single one with my man too :-)

    xoxo Pakize

  5. Hi. I found you through the Grab A Friend Blog Hop. I miss road trips with my boyfriend. We live in the town we used to go to on holiday. We would take 3 days to drive down and sleep over on the way.

    1. Hi Natasha, Thanks for stopping by :) I checked out your blog as well. You can still take rd trips, just find somewhere else to go :)

  6. What a great list - unfortunately I'd need a guy to go on these fun dates. Although, I guess most of it would be fun activities for Girls Nites Out too! Hmmmm lol

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Tina. I have checked out your website, you have some great books on there. you are right, these would be great for a girls night.

  7. I love the list! I think traveling is also so great to do with your significant other. We love to visit new cities, and you get to share fun and exciting new experiences with your hubby! :) I am a new follower!! :)

    Amanda @ Happily Ever After

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