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Dermalogica Starter Kits and Must-Haves

When trying a skincare brand for the first time it can be difficult to decide what to choose and to know what will work for you. Dermalogica is a brand I’ve been using faithfully for years because the ingredients are effective and balance my complexion without irritation and tons of artificial additives. If you are new to the line it may be helpful to try some of their kits which target specific skin types such as dry, oily, normal and acne prone including many options for sensitivity.

First up is a great introductory kit called Meet Dermalogica which contains the brand’s favorite and most popular products for healthy skin. This box contains everything you need for a complete regime dedicated to all skin conditions.

The kit includes:

*Special Cleansing Gel: Is a soap-free foaming face wash that removes oil, dirt, build-up, impurities and makeup residue with a non-drying rich lather. It contains plant extracts to nourish with no artificial fragrance or color.

*Daily Microfoliant: This exfoliating powder activates with water and gently removes dead cells for smoother, brighter skin. It also contains salicylic acid and rice enzymes to help control breakouts and blemishes for a polished finish.

*Skin Smoothing Cream: This medium weight moisturizer is formulated to balance combination/dry skin with aloe, cucumber, vitamins C & E, mallow extract and more! It deeply nourishes and hydrates with rich emollients while protecting against environmental assaults and restoring suppleness. Formulated with silk amino acids it also helps fight the signs of aging to improve skin texture.

*Multivitamin Power Firm: Infused with a powerful firming complex this cream helps diminish lines around the eyes and accelerate the repair process with vitamin A, antioxidants and retinol to improve elasticity.

The Meet Dermalogica Kit retails for $56.00 and the products are the perfect travel size! Recently I took it with me on holiday to help calm and sooth my irritated “vacation skin” which flares up during long, drying flights, fatigue, exposure to UV and other environmental elements. The products greatly reduce the itchiness, bumps and acne I frequently get while travelling long distances.

If you suffer from acne more frequently then the mediBac Clearing Adult Acne Kit contains some great products that can be applied both morning and night for effective all day treatment. I use this kit along with salicylic acid astringent and the Dermalogica Breakout Clearing Overnight Treatment to abolish pimples quickly.   

The kit includes:

*Clearing Skin Wash: This cleanser foams away oil and stubborn acne causing bacteria with salicylic acid and antiseptic extracts to stimulate exfoliation and clear clogged pores. It also helps cool inflammation and prevent further breakouts without drying out the skin.

*Sebum Clearing Masque: Formulated with oil absorbing clay this cooling masque absorbs excess oil, detoxifies and clears congestion to heal, purify and refresh. After rinsing my skin feels clean, soft and ready to absorb moisture!

*Clearing Mattifier: This product can be applied in the morning after cleansing and works well under makeup as a base. The gel can be dabbed onto problem areas and oily spots to help reduce congestion and clear breakouts for an all-day matte finish. 

*Overnight Clearing Gel: This is my favorite product in the kit because it diminishes the look of breakouts as you sleep and makes a fabulous spot treatment!

*Concealing Spot Treatment: This tinted formula helps blur the look of pimples and reduce redness instantly while healing problem areas. Before I apply makeup I use this on the spots I want to camouflage and it has a lightweight texture.

*Oil Control Lotion: Provides an all day matte effect to absorb pore clogging oil and treat pimples with a range of natural extracts, botanicals and antioxidants. 

The mediBac kit retails for $56.00 and both collections are gentle on sensitive skin. All of the products are also available in full-size versions.

Another product that is fabulous for summer and winter is the Multivitamin Hand & Nail Treatment to intensely condition, eradicate dryness, and reduce the signs of aging. If you want to show off your cute mani this lotion is the perfect purse essential and the non-greasy formula nourishes rough cuticles and peeling, damaged nails while shielding against environmental elements. It also evens and brightens skin with licorice extract, vitamin C & B5, algae, grape seed, ginkgo biloba and vitamin E for softer, healthier hands. The lotion retails for $36.00.

The Barrier Repair Cream is a velvety moisturizer that fortifies sensitive skin to help tone and protect against environmental aggressors that can stress and irritate. This is great for summer and winter as it revives, hydrates and calms parched, sensitive skin that has been exposed to UV, heat, cold and harsh winds. It retails for $56.00.

Dermalogica products can be found at and select locations

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  1. I love their products. They're a staple in my healthy skin routine.

    1. Me too! And they have something for everyone!

  2. I have always loved Dermalogica because their products work so well on my skin. The only downside is that they're so expensive! These kits are great though! I like how they're targeted toward certain skin concerns. I'm definitely going to consider buying one of these kits, at least just to see which products I can splurge on for its full-size. Thanks so much for sharing!


    1. They are a tad pricey but sometimes you get what you pay for! Skin is pretty important so the products are totally worth it and even though the kit items are travel-size they last quite a while since you only need to use a little. Thanks for stopping by :)


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