Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kiss & Broadway Nails Summer Collection

Summer is a busy time as most of us try to take advantage of the long days and comforting warmth by filling our schedule with fun activities. I’ve been out enjoying the nice weather every chance I get and although I like to personalize my manicures I don’t always have the patience to create and wait. 

Kiss has a large selection of artificial nails and this season the brand has launched some hot new designs, decals and bright colors so you can create like a pro and unleash your inner artist.

The vibrant collection is exclusively designed for Kiss by nail art trendsetters so you can achieve salon quality results at home. The nails last up to 7 days and even though they did dent the top part of my natural nails the impression wasn’t permanent and they looked fantastic!

The nails also have tiny numbers on the bottom that corresponds to size, I suggest writing down the ones that match to speed up future applications. Unlike many other artificial nails I’ve tried these actually fit my long nail beds and there are sticker adhesives and glue for those who want their trendy mani to hold up through dishes, summer socials and swimming. 

The kits contain 24 nails in 12 sizes that can be trimmed and filed to any desired shape. The boxes featured here are medium length and are quite comfortable to wear, they retail for $11.97.

The Kiss Polish Pop Nail Accents are perfect for the season and remind me of tropical beaches, sugary cocktails and fun in the sun. The cute decals can be mixed, matched and paired with your favorite polish to create eye catching, artistic designs that you will definitely want to show off! This sheet retails for just $4.97.

The imPress nails are available in a wide array of striking patterns and colors and I love the shape! Although these are pretty they don’t fit my nails and the adhesive that is supposed to “apply like glue” has popped off on me quite quickly in previous trials. These boxes also come with 24 nails in a glossy gel finish and although they do work for some people I prefer the Kiss nails above which last longer. The Impress nails retail for $6.99.

Removing artificial nails can be a pain since regular remover isn’t as effective; thankfully Kiss also has a great artificial nail remover that comes with a tub and plastic scrubbing brushes to soak and gently soften until nails dissolve or lift off. 

This formula works on glue-ons, tips, gel nails and wraps (with the exception of acrylics) and has a separate hole for your thumb! You can pick it up for $11.99.

Good manicure tools are essential for a great mani and the professional kit by Kiss has everything you need to prep for polish including: scissors, nail brush, clippers, cuticle nipper, 4-way buffer, 3 emery boards, cuticle pusher, double sided sapphire nail file, regular nail files, manicure sticks and travel pouch. The kit retails for $12.96.

Kiss products can be found at Walmart, Target and other drugstores, you can visit the website by clicking HERE.

*Press samples featured

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