Friday, July 10, 2015

Maybelline New York Color Blur Cream Matte Pencil Review

When it comes to lip trends makeup gurus are letting their creative juices flow and sporting everything from eccentric hues, muted pastels, ombre, lacquers, duo-tone and even a dab of flashy highlight. An intriguing new look that has graced the runway recently inspired by Korean beauty trends is the blurred lip achieved by applying color to the middle of your pout and fading the edges outward for a soft, sultry effect. Vivid, untamed color is also hot for fall so get ready to unleash your bold side!

To help you get your blur on Maybelline is introducing the Color Blur Cream Matte Pencils with intense, high-impact pigment on one end and a handy little smudger on the other. Although they are called “pencils” they are nothing like liners or shiny crayons, think of them as ultra rich, smooth lip pigments that require no sharpening and melt lusciously onto the skin.

Blurred lip

Although the little smudger may look like lip balm it isn’t, the tool is purposefully attached to inspire your inner artist as you experiment with this fun new texture! I also like the design of the pencils because the slender shape helps define and outline. I've been wearing these amazing hues every weekend since I got them and I absolutely love the finish, they make lips appear full and seductive!

This formula is unlike anything Maybelline has released thus far, the pencils are extremely buttery, easy to apply and prior to setting they are very smudgeable. As the day wears on or as your lips come in contact with things the color gradually fades on its own, neutralizing the pigment and creating a subtle flush. If you layer it on more daringly the color sets well without feathering and it is very long-lasting, in fact I can get hours of wear with a good primer! The 10 striking shades are very blendable and they can even be used as blush to brighten the complexion and amp-up your summer and autumn looks.

~ From top to bottom: 10 Fast & Fuchsia, 40 My-My Magenta, 15 Berry Misbehaved, 20 Orange-Ya Glad ~

The consistency of the pencils feel comfortable on the skin, very lightweight and almost undetectable except for some smoothness when you purse your lips. The matte finish is also very fetching when you want to ditch the shine and shimmer for something solid and vibrant. You can also boost the saturation by layering the color until you achieve your desired effect.


As far as comfort is concerned these won’t make your lips feel hideously dry because of the initial creaminess but as mattes they don’t offer intense balm-like hydration either. You can layer a balm underneath or on top if need be but as mentioned above lip primer works wonders!

If you really want to glam things up and create some drama you can blur one color in the center and smudge another color around the perimeter for a nice gradient. Whether you like the ombre trend or you prefer to skip it completely the pigments are still very pretty if you simply want to glide them on and enjoy the incredible color as is.

The Maybelline Color Blurs will be released in Canada this August at drugstores and mass market retailers for $11.99 each so have fun with them!

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  1. Definitely trying Orange-ya glad out, love love love the colour... x

  2. I've read mixed review on these but will pick up a couple to try soon, My My Magenta is too pretty and need to be mine!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Really? Well I guess there are mixed reviews on just about everything but I love these! my fav shade is Magenta as well. Let me know how you like them.


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