Thursday, July 2, 2015

Kérastase Résistance Thérapiste Collection Review: Revitalizing Damaged Hair

Today it’s time for some hair confessions...that’s right, we are going to be completely honest about the daily treatment of our delicate tresses and examine some fabulous new products that can help rejuvenate your flowing mane.

If your hair could talk what would it say? Would it scream at you for all the flat ironing, blow drying, curling and crimping? What about the dyes, chemicals, excessive brushing, tugging, knots, split-ends, exposure to drying wind or getting hit with a heavy dose of UV? Let’s face it when it comes to taking a beating our hair is a champ, it withstands everything we throw at it and still makes us look good but every so often you need to lay off the styling tools and treat your hair to a spa day!

The new Résistance Thérapiste Collection was created to resurrect extremely damaged, over-processed lengths and ends, targeting weak, breaking, shabby looking hair and restoring vitality, movement and bounce. Since hair is comprised of protein this line is designed to reinforce and strengthen the fiber for smoothness and uniformity. To compensate for loss of mass the products are infused with 6 amino acids that are naturally present in hair resulting in more body and thicker structure. The addition of a powerful gluco-peptide also helps supply the follicles with the energy needed for protein synthesis.

Shampoos infused with harsh cleansing agents and sulfates can strip frail, limp hair so Kérastase has created an awesome new product to help protect and shield your tresses from those drying suds. The Fiber Quality Renewal Care is a pre-shampoo treatment that is applied to wet hair before lathering up. It is formulated for very damaged, fine hair but it also works wonders on my thick, long hair. To use you simply rinse and apply the creamy conditioner for 1-2 minutes, I like to clip my hair up while it goes to work.

At first I didn’t notice any change but after a few minutes my strands began to feel smooth, soft, silky and revitalized. My hair absolutely loves this stuff! The formula is moisturizing without feeling heavy and it made detangling my unruly curls a breeze. You can use it prior to any type of shampoo, especially if you want to retain moisture and color. The Renewal Care Conditioner retails for $45.00.

After your hair is protected and prepped you can proceed with the Balm-in-Shampoo which is the first shampoo with a unique jellified texture to repair the hair fiber while cleansing and reducing friction as you lather-up. I don’t usually use shampoos with sulfates because as I’ve mentioned before they can cause brittleness and depletion of natural, healthy oils. This shampoo is not overly drying because of the first product used to counteract its effects and it does a great job at cleansing the scalp and removing stubborn build-up to leave hair feeling fresh and smelling fabulous! Because my hair is on the dry side I do need to follow up with another conditioning treatment or the repair masque to help replenish some moisture. The shampoo retails for $45.00

When it comes to serious restoration I love a good deep treatment to heal and nourish. The Masque Thérapiste is formulated for thicker hair with a rich, velvety texture that thoroughly coats each strand to reconstruct, repair and soften. Because of the thick texture you only need to use a small amount applied from your ears down focusing on the ends. This may not fix your split-end issue but it does help improve their appearance of frayed strands so you can trim those unsightly ends and start fresh with healthier hair!

With this masque there is no set treatment time, just go by how your hair feels and give it as much nourishment as it needs. I usually leave it on for about 30 minutes, cover my hair with a plastic cap and apply steam or heat to enhance the effects. The results are fantastic, my hair feels light and fluffy and my curls are beautifully formed, bouncy and incredibly soft, sleek and shiny. I should also mention that I love the scent, it is very fresh and perfumey but in a good way and although the fragrance is quite strong it makes my hair smell irresistible for days! The treatment masque retails for $61.00.

The last step is the Sérum Thérapiste for both thin and thick hair. This leave-in contains light oils to moisturize and a creamy top coat to seal and strengthen extremely damaged ends. Using a couple pumps you simply emulsify with your fingers and apply to the length of your hair with emphasis on the ends. You can air dry or proceed with styling as the serum provides heat protection up to 230˚C/446˚F. It retails for $55.00

This line is fabulous for lifeless hair that needs some serious care and a boost of hydration! You can find Kératase products at select salons across Canada or you can visit their website by clicking HERE.

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  2. I just love Kerastase products. They are the best! ;-)

    1. They def have some great products! I am just discovering the line but I have been using some of the products everyday!


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