Monday, June 12, 2017

Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra & New RE9 Advanced Skincare

Arbonne’s famous RE9 formula has recently been updated to yield a higher concentration of antioxidants, peptides and botanicals that rejuvenate the complexion, diminish signs of aging and boost moisture levels for youthful looking skin.

The Intensive Renewal Serum ($65.00) is packed with nourishing extracts including - sugarcane, lemon, orange, apple, lactic acid, salicylic acid, aloe, olive, cucumber, ginseng and a variety of other beneficial oils and flowers. The serum feels silky, supple and hydrating with a creamy, lightweight texture that locks in nutrients all night so skin is dewy and soft. It also smooths, firms and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

I’ve also been using the RE9 Advanced Night Repair Cream (sometimes layered with the serum) to heal and revive dry, lackluster skin. The lush, buttery texture sinks in deeply to instantly alleviate discomfort while conditioning oils, extracts and collagen supporting ingredients work their magic as you get your beauty rest. The non-greasy, moisturizing formula also has anti-aging benefits to plump and refresh the complexion. The cream retails for $88.00.

To get the most out of my luxury skincare I’ve been using Arbonne’s Genuis Ultra tool. This small, travel-friendly device boosts the efficiency of your products to enhance results and renew the skin.

The Genius is very easy to use - After cleansing, simply apply your skincare, turn on the device, adjust the intensity (there are 3 settings) and move it around your face and neck in circular, massaging motions. You will feel very soft vibrations and soothing warmth as the application plate warms up to make skin more receptive to absorption. I love how the heat opens the pores while melting creams and oils so they sink in deeper and because the plate does not absorb any product, you can use less without waste. 

Although the sensation is quite mild, it feels very relaxing and the tapered shape fits into the areas around the nose. The smooth plate makes it easy to evenly distribute creams and serums but slippery textures tend to create more glide so I like to add a few drops of natural oil. I did expect a bit more heat and stronger vibrations but using the Genius definitely encourages me to apply my products properly and before bed it enhances my skin’s regeneration process. You can use the device with Arbonne's skincare or any of your favorite products. The Genius Ultra retails for $280.00 and comes with a user guide and charging cord.

Arbonne is available online at and through independent consultants

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