Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil Review - NEW Shades

Last winter the cold and flu season hit me hard and I was sick for a long time while working and traveling. The only thing that kept my lips hydrated, protected and chap-free during illness and long, drying flights were the amazing Comfort Oils by Clarins. Compared to other balms and treatments, this healing formula lasts for hours so I don't have to reapply as frequently. It also saves my lips from environmental assaults, painful peeling and dryness, which is why I’m obsessed with the delicious new summer scents and candy colors.

There are 7 delicious shades to choose from and each formula contains a cocktail of 2 plant oils - organic jojoba and hazelnut mixed with 1 replenishing oil specific to the color. From left to right I have - Honey (Hazelnut Oil), Candy (Amaranth Oil), Tangerine (Buriti Fruit Oil) and Mint (with Mint Oil). 

The paddle applicator is large and flat – perfect for slathering on the oil and thoroughly coating lips in lush, glossy moisture. At first the formula may seem a bit thick but once blended it feels light, silky and plush without greasiness. I love how the rich emollients and conditioners seep in deeply over several hours and totally replenish my skin while making my pout appear luminous and healthy. Lips are bathed in supple hydration to alleviate discomfort and irritation without stickiness and the irresistible new scents smell good enough to eat!

The pink Candy oil is composed of cherry, raspberry and strawberry (all my favorite summer berries) and transforms into a personalized tint. Tangerine has a fragrance based on red currant with a subtle coral finish and Honey is the only shimmer in the collection with a dazzling effect. The Mint treatment feels cool and refreshing with a volumizing formula that plumps your pout. If you’re torn between which oils to get, I would choose based on ingredients and scent since the colors are very translucent and provide a natural tint.

TIP: If you're glossing-up on-the-go and forget your compact mirror, the shiny cap is reflective enough to help with application. 

The oils shield and protect during the day and at night they make a wonderful treatment to prepare your lips for bold pigment and matte lipstick. They retail for $25.00 each and Clarins is available at department stores nationwide, Sephora and online at clarins.ca.

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