Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Pelle Beauty Skincare Review

Pelle Beauty is a Canadian company based in my hometown and it was one of the first all-natural skincare brands I tried and loved! When it comes to pure, effective formulas free of preservatives, water, dye, fillers and parabens - the essential oils from Pelle are high quality and ultra-nourishing. Uncapping one of the glass bottles releases indulgent botanical scents that tantalize the senses and promote a feeling of wellness and relaxation. The aroma therapy benefits remind me of being at a luxury spa and they help release tension before bed.

The first step in my evening routine is always cleansing and the Pelle Beauty Oil+ Makeup Remover infused with hemp, castor, pumpkin myrrh, tangerine, ylang ylang and spearmint oils is suitable for all skin types. You simply massage a few pumps onto the face and allow the oil to emulsify and lift stubborn makeup before gently wiping with a damp cloth. Although the formula helps break down pigments and foundation, I still have to follow-up with face wash to get rid of the remaining residue. I prefer to use this product as a morning cleanser because it is gentle and hydrating. When mixed with water, it forms a light, milky lather that refreshes, smooths and softens without dryness, grease or irritation but you may need to rinse several times as it does contain oil. The Cleanser retails for $22.00.

The Harmony Beauty Oil ($58.00) infused with orange, rose, hemp and grape oils, helps balance skin by locking in moisture and delivering a boost of revitalizing vitamins. Oils are usually easier to work with when applied to slightly damp skin but I like to use a couple drops on top of moisturizer or serum and massage with my fingers. Since I prefer a matte finish during the day, I use oils as a night treatment to enhance my skin’s regenerative process during sleep. This concentrated formula is light and silky so it leaves behind a radiant sheen without clogging pores or causing breakouts. My skin feels incredibly soft, smooth and plump plus rough, problem areas are healed and deeply hydrated for hours of dryness relief.

The Nurture Beauty Oil ($58.00) is loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin E, jojoba, castor oil, rose and essential fatty acids with many of the same benefits as the Harmony blend. Just 2-3 drops leaves my complexion moisturized, dewy, plush and comfortable plus you can even mix a drop into your foundation if you suffer from dry skin. The rejuvenating formula also makes a wonderful cuticle, hand and nail treatment for brittleness and after exposure to environmental assaults and sun damage, it helps alleviate discomfort and itchiness.

The Oils also come in travel-friendly bottles for $24.00 with roller-ball applicators. You can pop one in your carry-on bag or purse and rejuvenate your skin anywhere which I love! Pelle Beauty has also introduced me to the ultra soft, highly absorbent Shoo-foo Bamboo Cleansing Cloths which are great for gently removing makeup and general facial care. The 3 pack retails for $15.00 and once you try them, you won’t be able to go back to regular washcloths.

Since we all love a good face treatment, I had to try the Beauty Mask ($26.00). Infused with pure botanical extracts and clay - the formula decongests pores, refines, exfoliates and purifies. 

I was pleasantly surprised with how soft my skin felt after treatment and although I usually prefer pre-mixed clay, the powder stays fresher without clumping or hardening. You can also control the texture by adjusting the amount of water you add and I like to steam my face prior to application for enhance absorption. In just ten minutes my complexion looks and feels wonderful!

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