Friday, June 30, 2017

Quo Cosmetics 2017 Summer Collection

While browsing Shoppers Drug Mart this summer, you may notice the pretty seasonal patterns in Quo’s new collection – inspired by sunny, tropical vibes. Like many of the brand’s previous palettes, most of these pigments are soft and feminine, offset by a few deep hues for contrast. The range also includes lip color, bronzer and brush sets.

The packaging is chic and trendy – reminiscent of wild travels to exotic destinations.

Everyone loves a good summer bronzer and this pretty compact includes a trio of shades to lightly highlight the skin. The shimmer is quite subtle – more like a dusting on top, while the bottom pigment is matte, creamy and smooth for easy blending. The effect is mild radiance rather than high-impact strobing and the illumination or brightening effect seems to come from the color itself rather than the shimmer particles. None if these shades provide a bronze look on my skin tone but they do create luminosity that looks pretty in the sunlight. The bronzer retails for $22.00.

There are 2 shadow palettes in the collection – Sunset Eyes features bronze, pink and champagne shades while Garden View contains browns, navy, pale pink and yellow. It would have been nice to see a bit more variation and vibrancy for the season, but soft hues can be quite elegant.

With these shadows you definitely need a good primer for adhesion and color enhancement since they are light, sheer and silky. Some of the powders initially apply a bit chalky but simply smoothing them out creates an even finish and I love the dusty rose color at the end. The first 2 neutral shadows are suitable for blending and highlighting while the last 3 are your statement shades – well matched but a little faint for my taste. To amp-up the color, I deepen the crease with bold pink and create a nice gradient. With a base and a few layers, it is possible to intensify the colors a bit more.

Garden View has a few deep shades (which is nice), and 2 mild hues that seem a little out of place. I don’t think I’d wear yellow or baby pink with ashy brown or navy so I’m not quite sure how I’ll use them together. The dark hues can create smokey looks and the texture is quite soft. The palettes retail for $16.00 each.

Quo makes fabulous, synthetic brushes and the Flawless Face 3-Piece Set ($40.00) includes a foundation brush, powder/bronzer brush and highlighter brush with a red cosmetics bag. The brushes are soft yet taunt enough for precise stippling buffing and blending – suitable for powder and liquid. The quality is good (with minimal shedding) and they provide a nice, even finish for everyday use or professional kits.

 Quo is available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart

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