Monday, December 11, 2017

Clarins New Double Serum – Complete Age Control Concentrate

With chilling winds outside and the heat cranked up inside, it’s time to increase hydration levels for optimal skin health. This time of year it can be difficult to keep dryness under control but the right blend of nutrients, botanicals and oils can help protect, fortify and deeply nourish the complexion.

In my family the Clarins Double Serum has been a dry skin savior for years and everyone’s first line of defense against Mother Nature’s harshest winters (even my husband is hooked). Recently the brand has reformulated their bestselling serum to include [20+1] of the most powerful plant extracts that regenerate, moisturize, oxygenate, reduce wrinkles, boost radiance and tighten pores.

Coincidentally, the star ingredient in the new and improved blend is turmeric – a spice I always keep in my pantry for making savoury curry dishes. Recently I’ve been hearing a lot of great feedback on this rich yellow powder and since it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties it is also used to treat and heal acne, scarring, redness and blemishes. Other benefits include: reducing under eye circles, slowing cell damage, purifying, brightening and fading hyperpigmentation.

If that wasn’t good enough the formula is loaded with amazing natural ingredients harvested from around the globe.
*Kiwi Fruit – High in Vitamin C & E.
*Oat – High in minerals that moisturize, soften and firm.
*Organic Teasel – Used to minimize the look of wrinkles.
*Glasswort (a type of cactus) – Strengthens and shields against environmental hazards.
*Cocoa – Smooths and prevents free-radical damage.
*Mango – High in fatty acids that protect from dehydration.
*Banana – Used for its healing properties.
*Leaf of Life – Encourages the synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid to balance and moisturize.
*Jania (seaweed) – Eliminates dead cells to promote a clear complexion.
*Beautyberry – Used for its anti-inflammatory properties.
*Mary’s Thistle – High in Omega 6 to comfort the skin.
*Horse Chestnut – Increases blood circulation.
*Ginger Lily – Stimulates collagen synthesis.
*Edelweiss – High in antioxidants.

Even the bottle is different – the new design allows you to adjust the amount of product dispensed according to your skin’s needs and varying climate changes. I also like that the brand uses a dark bottle to preserve the ingredients and maintain potency.

So how does this serum compare to the previous formula. Well aside from the obvious ingredient enhancements which result in radiant, youthful skin, the texture seems lighter, more water-based and refreshing. It melts in quickly with no oily residue or stickiness and layers well with my other moisturizers and night care for a supple, velvety finish. Needless to say I absolutely love it!

The Double Serum retails for $120.00 at Clarins Counters nationwide, department stores, Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart and online at

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