Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Avon True Color 8-in-1 Eye Shadow Palette Review

I love eye shadow palettes that are great for travel with enough shades to create several trendy looks. I’ve been considering Avon's 8-in-1 compacts for a while now because the color selection is well rounded and highly wearable plus the range includes pigments that are soft and subtle, warm, cool, deep and smokey for the versatility to go from day to night.

The first color collection called Not So Neutral includes my favorite go-to shades for everyday wear. It has a nice range of bright hues, mid tones and champagne gold (which looks great on everyone), paired with a matte cream, beige (great for transitioning color in the crease), warm brown, black and silver.

I wasn’t sure if the pigmentation would be top-notch but surprisingly most of the shadows are quite vivid with the exception of a few faint hues.They can easily go from sheer to medium and in some cases full-coverage with a little layering. There is also a nice mix of shimmer and matte, although the shimmer isn’t very sparkly or bold which is good if you want to explore the milder side of this particular effect. Overall the colors aren't as velvety or rich as I usually prefer but they blend well and tend to stay put.

Although the texture isn’t ultra silky it is smooth enough for easy application without chalkiness or fall-out. I recommend using a good primer underneath to enhance the sheer pigments, increase overall intensity and prolong wear but they standout, match well and look good.

The Plum Essentials Palette is great for those who prefer cool, subtle tones. There is a pastel pink, light lilac, silver, cream, matte brown and two deep hues - purple and slivery-green.

Starry Nights is great when you want to amp up the glam for a night out and create deep smokey looks. I love the combination of matte and shimmery navy plus you also get a nice bronze, grey-blue, lilac, silver, beige and a frosty hue that makes a nice highlight.

To demonstrate the color pay-off, I swatched some of my favorite shades over primer.

The compacts are simple yet efficient so if you are looking for a few affordable quick-look, travel palettes these definitely come in handy and retail for $15.00 ea.

Avon has also released a cute tool to help keep your brushes spick and span. Simply slip your fingers into the little silicone sleeve and use the bristles and ridges to work up a disinfecting lather to loosen and abolish product residue. The brush cleaner retails for just $8.00 and is small enough to fit in a makeup bag.

You can find these great products at or order through an independent consultant 

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