Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Lip Smacker Easter Collection & Scavenger Hunt Prizes

Easter is this Sunday and I don’t know about you but I’ve been devouring mini chocolates for a few days now (The Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg is my favorite). I probably won’t get the floppy eared little bunny I saw at the pet store (he is adorable) but a box of candy scented lip balm is pretty good too. If you are planning a fun Easter egg scavenger hunt don’t limit yourself to sugary treats. Kick it up a notch by stashing some of these delicious lip sets around the house and add a few cute toys while you’re at it.

Just in time for spring, the Strawberry Lemonade Set ($5.95) will keep your pout smelling like your favorite seasonal drink and the cup design with straw and ice cubes is totally cute! The creamy formula alleviates dryness and keeps lips supple and hydrated.

Most kids (and adults) love Mickey Mouse so why not plop him on your desk to keep lips soft and smooth. The Tsum Tsum Balms ($5.95) are stackable and the Cheery flavor smells yummy! I actually have one of these bobble-head characters on my coffee table and everyone who visits finds it unusually delightful.

Another calorie-free way to satisfy your sweet-tooth is by applying a few layers of these darling little balms ($5.95). The flavors include Strawberry Soda Pop, Orange Soda and Grape Soda plus each lippie is infused with nourishing oils.

I still enjoy the fruity flavor of Starburst so I’d be happy to find this Egg Trio ($5.95) stashed under a cushion. Although you might want to leave the hunting to the kids, there is no denying that these Cherry, Watermelon and Strawberry balms are old-school Lip Smacker scents that trigger fond childhood memories.

The kids will go crazy for this DIY Easter Egg Duo ($5.95). The stickers can be used to customize the egg topper (decorating without the mess) and the lip balm flavors are Cotton Candy Dream and Marshmallow Cloud...need I saw more?

Lip Smacker is available at drugstores nationwide
Happy Easter!

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