Tuesday, March 13, 2018

L'Oreal Pure-Sugar Scrubs & Pure-Clay Mask Review

A new season has begun to bloom so it’s time to shed that dull winter skin and reveal the soft, dewy complexion underneath. To help you slough away those rough layers, L’Oreal has created a collection of delectable scrubs made with 100% natural sugars, nourishing fruit extracts, botanicals and oils.

Let’s start with the Kiwi Scrub for oily skin because it looks cool and smells delicious! This blend is formulated to cleanse, tone and unclog pores for total annihilation of blemish causing bacteria. It also doubles as a replenishing face mask and there are real kiwi seeds floating around in the fruity green gel. The micro-fine granules gently polish and retexturize while Peppermint and Lemongrass Oils soothe, purify and balance. Let the gel sink in for about 10-15 minutes after exfoliating and rinse with warm water to reinvigorate and renew your complexion.

The Cocoa infused scrub for dry skin smells yummy and feels creamier than the other formulas. It contains Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter to moisturize and soften while the grains gently buff away dead cells to eliminate dirt, sebum and impurities. For a grittier texture, I use the scrub on clean, dry skin but for less intensity I dampen my face first. After treatment skin feels silky, rejuvenated and better prepared to absorb serums and creams.

The Pure-Sugar Scrub with Grapeseed, Acai and Monoi Oils, brightens and refreshes dull, tired skin. This exfoliant has the grittiest texture in the collection for effective resurfacing and cleansing. It instantly removes dry, flaky patches to reveal baby-soft skin that looks plump, bright and renewed. I use scrubs at least once a week for best results and I usually follow-up with a clay or moisture mask.

The scrubs can also be used on the lips to prevent and treat chapping, peeling and roughness or use the excess to exfoliate dry hands and cuticles! They retail for $14.99 each at drugstores nationwide. 

The Pure-Clay Mask ($14.99) is not a scrub but it does purify and smooth uneven skin tone to enhance your natural glow. Enriched with 3 powerful clays and Yuzu Lemon Extract, it eliminates pollutants, toxins excess oil and dead cells to cleanse and prevent breakouts. As the clay dries, it lifts out embedded debris, makeup and blemish causing dirt to keep pores clear and healthy.

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