Thursday, March 22, 2018

Moroccan Oil Hair Care – Nourish, Hydrate and Repair

A couple months ago I was considering a trip to Morocco but ended up in Florida working on a tourism article instead. The exotic destination is still on my bucket list because aside from the cultural highlights and delicious cuisine, the continent is known for its bountiful natural ingredients. Moroccan Oil is one of the rarest in the world since it is derived from the Argan Tree which grows sparsely throughout the region. This “liquid gold” is high in fatty acids, Vitamin E and antioxidants which makes it a popular treatment for damaged hair.

Thankfully you don’t have to travel all the way to Africa to get your hands on this precious oil. The Moroccan Hair Collection is readily available and replenishes dull, dry hair that has been exposed to heat styling, dye, chemicals, extreme weather, pollutants and daily stress.

After a cold winter, the Moisture Repair Shampoo ($26.00) and Conditioner ($27.00) resurrects weakened strands with a color safe formula free of sulfate, parabens and phosphate. This collection smells incredible (I can’t stop sniffing my hair) and the shampoo transforms into lavish, bubbly foam that cleanses without stripping or causing brittleness. As you lather-up, the reconstructive protein strengthens keratin to restore elasticity, moisture and shine. It also purifies the scalp without irritation and eliminates product build-up, excess oil and impurities. The Moisture Repair Conditioner has a light, creamy texture that coats each stand and helps detangle. I recommend leaving it on for a few minutes as the shower steam enhances absorption and deeply replenishes.

I continually stress the importance of deep conditioner because it is one of the most important steps for healthy, moisturized hair that grows long and strong. Enriched with proteins, fruit extract, antioxidants, oils and butters, the Restorative Mask ($48.00) and Intense Hydrating Mask ($64.00) prevents split-ends, fortifies damaged strands and deeply nourishes. The formulas are slightly different but the results are quite similar. Both treatments are fragrant, velvety and rich - enveloping each strand and restructuring the cuticles to protect and polish. After use my hair feels incredibly silky, soft and smooth with lots of movement, bounce and body. If you need to rejuvenate dull, rough hair that has been burnt, broken and dried-out, these masks work wonders! After a long winter of repeated flat ironing, the nutritive ingredients helped re-vamp my curls and improved styling results.

Most of us style our hair after washing and conditioning so the Smoothing Lotion ($35.00) is a blow-dry essential for a sleek, glossy finish. Simply apply to damp hair and use your tools as usual. It dramatically improves texture, protects against humidity, tames frizz and leaves hair more manageable.

The Hydrating Styling Cream ($39.99) creates versatile definition while eliminating frizz, flyaways and static. You can use it on damp or dry hair and it keeps natural curls well formed, moisturized and springy.

The Oil Treatment ($49.99) comes in a dark bottle to protect the integrity of the argan so it stays fresh and potent. This luscious formula is lightweight and smells incredible so you can use it to refresh and fragrance your hair. It also speeds up drying time, boosts shine, smooths, controls frizz and detangles. Apply a generous amount prior to shampooing and let it soak in for a couple hours or overnight for a nutritive oil treatment. I apply a small amount to damp hair before blow drying and again after styling for a neat finish with lustrous sheen. Dab it on parched ends to prevent splits and breakage or smooth it on unruly curls for more definition. After flat ironing the treatment keeps my long hair straight, sleek and chic with no poof.

Moroccan Oil Hair Care is available at salons and spas throughout the GTA, Sephora and online at

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