Monday, May 28, 2018

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Collection

The sun is out, spring is in full bloom and I’m letting my curls blow in the breeze. In winter I wear my hair straight and sleek (thanks to my trusty flat iron) but during the summer when humidity is high and perspiration is imminent, it tends to curl and frizz no matter what I do.

My spirals and I don’t always see eye-to-eye but Shea Moisture helps tame them into submission and reduce poof.  

I’ve been using Shea Moisture for years and I used to stock-up every time I crossed the border. Although the products have been available at select beauty supply stores, the brand officially celebrated their Canadian launch in March 2018. The collection is free of sulphates and crafted with a blend of handpicked natural ingredients including:
Certified Organic Shea Butter – Helps reverse damage caused by over-styling, chemicals and environmental assaults.
Neam Oil – Nourishes strands and provides brilliant shine and definition to dull, lifeless curls.
Silk Protein – Strengthens and creates a frizz-free, supple finish.
Hibiscus Extract – Supports healthy hair growth and stimulates circulation.

Along with not containing any harmful chemicals, the Curl & Shine Shampoo ($11.96) is color-safe and formulated with fast absorbing, nutrient-rich Coconut Oil, Aloe and flower extract to leave curls vibrant and bouncy. The lightweight lather eliminates product build-up, dirt, sweat and oil without stripping or causing dryness. My hair feels clean, fresh and soft with no brittleness or scalp irritation – perfect for maintaining thick curls.

The fast-absorbing Curl & Shine Conditioner ($11.96) focuses on softening, detangling and reducing frizz. It glides through hair effortlessly and coats each strand so you can comb through pesky knots without breakage or damage. I love the tropical fragrance and how thoroughly the lush cream quenches parched ends to enhance curl definition and silkiness without weight. My long, thick hair seems to soak up the nutrients and it makes a great daily co-wash.

All curly girls know that you can’t style your coils without applying product and the nourishing Milk ($13.96) helps protect and infuse moisture. This awesome leave-in smooths messy curls and wild waves for neatness and manageability with less frizz and flyaways. The finish is non-greasy so your spirals move and bounce with no crunchy stiffness and it seems to prevent and improve the look of split-ends and fraying cuticles.

I’ve been using the Curl Enhancing Smoothie ($13.96) off and on since I was a teenager so it is one my favorite products in the line. This rich leave-in conditioner is more suitable for thick, luscious curls that crave moisture and aren’t easily weighed down. I use it to twist and twirl my curls into perfectly formed ringlets and the treatment shields my tresses from harsh weather including wind, sun, humidity and cold. A little goes a long way so use it sparingly to repair and fortify weak strands.

Shea Moisture is available at Walmart locations nationwide and online at

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