Thursday, May 10, 2018

Dior Hydra Life Skincare – New Products

During my recent vacation I was dealing with a bad case of heat rash and as mentioned in my previous article – the pollution, jet lag and long drying flights didn't help. To recuperate and reinvigorate the complexion after sun exposure, pollution, fatigue and daily stress, The Dior Hydra Life Collection works wonders! The products are 83% natural with no parabens, or silicone and the formula contains a prebiotic to balance, purify and rejuvenate.

No matter how tired you are after a long day, don’t forget to remove your makeup. Clogged pores, bacteria and greasy skin can cause nasty breakouts and irritation. Thankfully Dior has created a Triple Impact Makeup Remover ($42.00) that cleanses, moisturizes and refreshes. I love that you can use the concentrate on sensitive areas of the face with minimal lash loss and no stinging or burning. Use it to loosen long-wear lipstick, pulverize messy glitter and soften crunchy mascara while eliminating dirt, sebum and impurities. The texture is silky and light so it glides across the skin and feels great.

After makeup removal I usually wash my face with a cleanser using my Clarisonic or Foreo before applying the Balancing 2-in-1 Sorbet Water ($52.00). Developed in collaboration with the Dior Asian Innovation Center in Japan, this crystalline lotion moisturizes, strengthens and diminishes minor imperfections including dilated pores, shine, redness and spots. It also helps prep your skin for makeup or night care by replenishing and fortifying. The revitalizing liquid leaves my face soft, clean and smooth with no stickiness.

The Hydration rescue Intense Sorbet Cream ($82.00) is my favorite new product in the collection. The luxurious whipped texture melts in like butter and transforms into a fluid serum that drenches parched skin in layers of moisture with no residue. The formula helps calm irritation, protect from pollutants and keeps water in cells to prevent dryness and damage. My skin feels incredibly plump, supple, dewy and velvety plus the scent is wonderful! After exposure to extreme environmental conditions like heat and smog, this cream feels cool and refreshing on stressed skin.

I always end my night routine with a good eye cream and recently I’ve had trouble readjusting to the time zone and getting enough rest. The Cooling Hydration Sorbet Eye Gel ($70.00) delivers “ice cube freshness” for a quick anti-fatigue touch-up. The formula contains anti-inflammatory water to decongest the lids and reduce puffiness while mineral powders correct dark circles and Abyssinica Oil nourishes and protects lashes and brows. The ceramic applicator has the effect of an ice cube to promote microcirculation, boost radiance and awaken the eye contour so you look well rested. You can also pop it in the fridge to enhance the invigorating sensation.

Hydra Life is available at Dior Counters nationwide

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