Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Pur Cosmetics On Point Eyeliner & Eye Polish

It’s been a while since I featured anything new from Pur but they never cease to amaze me with their vivid pigments and beautiful long-wear formulas. Today I’m revisiting the metallic Eye Polishes, a fabulous new brow cream and eyeliners that won’t smudge or run.

The Eye Polish ($28.00) is available in a range of complexion flattering shades and comes in a jar covered by thin mesh.

Application is a bit odd – you have to dip the silicone paddle onto the net screen and try to pick up some of the pretty color. The creamy part of the polish kind of sits at the bottom in a clump and doesn’t flow through the mesh very easily which makes it difficult to reach. I even tried to remove the screen with little success so I may have to cut it out. Packaging flaws aside, I actually like the pigment. It feels thin and watery because I can’t mix it properly but the color is intense and saturated. I love the flecks of glitter and it dries quickly – transforming into a light satin powder that looks radiant and lasts all day! You can dab these over your favorite shadows or layer them full-coverage for a glamorous effect. 

Twist-up liners are my favorite! There is no sharpening required so you don’t end up with a wonky pencil and broken tips. The On Point Eyeliner ($19.00) is reshaped into a neat, structured point each time you recap it so you can draw straight, consistent lines that glide on effortlessly. The creamy formula is enriched with a rejuvenating Ceramide – Essential Oil Complex that nourishes and prevents lash-loss plus the dramatic color lasts up to 10 hours without fading.

I usually line my eyes with pencil and then reinforce it with the On Point Liquid Liner ($19.00) for more intensity. The flexible felt tip is easy to manoeuvre for creating the perfect wing and varying line thickness but the matte finish is a bit dull for my taste (I prefer something with a hint of shine). The color is jet black, well pigmented and infused with the same Lash Rejuvenation Complex to preserve your precious hairs.

I really wish the Sculpt a Brow ($24.00) came with instructions because the pigment is in a twist-off cap at the top of the tube and the angled brush seems too large to fit inside and extract it. I wasn’t sure if the cream was supposed to eject onto the brush or if I had to take everything apart and dip but eventually I got the hang of it. There are 3 shades available and I like that the deepest hue is dark enough to match my hair. The cream-to-powder formula has great color payoff and blends easily to fill in sparse areas, thicken shape and sculpt. I really like this product for creating Instagram-worthy arches but the packaging needs improvement and it should come with more pigment.

Last but not least is another skincare product. I know I’ve been on a skincare craze recently but this one is good! The Blue Agave Energizing Peel-Off Mask ($26.00) is enriched with green tea, ginseng, aloe, basil, fruit extract and Vitamin B to refresh, plump, hydrate, cleanse and tone. This is a great mask to apply while you’re reading or getting ready for the weekend. It softens, smooths and revives your complexion with no messy clay or hard to remove granules. Simply peel off the bright blue film and apply moisturizer.

Pur Cosmetics is available at Shoppers Drug Mart, and 

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