Monday, July 9, 2018

Anew Clay Mask Review: Calming, Brightening & Purifying

So you’re staying out late enjoying summer, partying hard and lounging on the beach. Maybe you’re having way too much fun to slow down and pamper your skin but sooner or later you’ll need a facial.
Taking time to relax and indulge in a spay day is important because all that sunscreen, makeup, sebum and pollution needs to be addressed.

Avon has created 3 new kaolin clay masks with active ingredients that target your skin concerns and remove impurities in just 5-10 minutes! Use them individually or mix and match to create a custom treatment that replenishes and revives.

The Purifying Clay Mask ($16.00) is infused with white charcoal powder to absorb excess oil around the chin, nose and forehead. The detoxifying formula deep cleans and tightens pores for a smooth complexion less prone to breakouts and blemishes. Use it weekly to help combat environmental aggressors, greasiness and dirt. After treatment my skin feels soft and rejuvenated but I usually follow-up with a hydrating cream or serum since clay tends to deplete moisture.

To slather on my masks I use the applicator brush from the Eco Tool Facial Mates Kit ($10.99). It also comes with 3 soft sponges that are perfect for wiping away stubborn dried on clay. The pads are gentle, absorbent and reusable, plus you can lather them up with your favorite face wash. (Available at Rexall, Pharma Plus, Pharmasave, London Drugs, Guardian IDA, Lawton and more)

The Brightening Mask ($16.00) with citrus peel extract is my favorite! It smells fantastic, reinvigorates dull skin and boosts your glow for an even skin tone. I use this formula to help fade blemishes or after spending too much time in the sun. It also does a great job of flushing out my pores and ridding my skin of icky product build-up.

The Calming Mask ($16.00) is enriched with aloe to help balance, refresh and soothe mild irritation and redness. I didn’t really notice a difference between this formula and the others. It seems to cleanse, remove impurities, soften and smooth in much the same way so it probably needs a bit more aloe.

The masks are available at or through independent consultants.

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