Friday, July 6, 2018

Avon True Color Lots of Kisses Review & Swatches

Have you ever wanted to experiment with makeup without spending a lot of money on colors you aren’t sure about? Maybe you’re searching for the perfect nude or a bombshell red that looks stunning on your complexion. None of us want to put store samples on our lips (yuck) and sometimes you can’t get a good idea of how a lipstick will look until you actually wear it.

To solve this issue Avon has created the Lots of Kisses Hat Box filled to the brim with 60 mini lipsticks for $50.00. Now you can unleash your creativity and test the brand’s most popular shades!

These cuties can be used several times and they are tiny enough to fit in any purse. The colors are rich, vibrant, hydrating and smooth with finishes that range from satin, shiny, cream and matte.

Most of the lipsticks are highly pigmented with buildable coverage and there is something for everyone whether you prefer everyday neutrals, bright summery hues or something sultry for date night.

Among the 60 shades there are 30 different colors (some pigments are duplicates with different finishes). The formulas are all very comfortable and moisturizing to prevent chapping and the square edge helps outline the lip contour but don't press too hard.

Some of the minis may look a bit misshapen in the photos because they softened under the hot lights in my studio. Its humid this season so if this happens, pop them in the fridge until they solidify. The lipsticks don’t twist down so be very careful when capping and uncapping, one wrong move could smoosh the entire thing.

My favorites are the berry tones, reds, purples and soft pinks but I also mix and match to create custom shades and ombré effects.

These little lippies are easy to misplace but the set is perfect for gifting! 

Lots of Kisses is available online at or through independent consultants for a limited time only.

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