Friday, August 17, 2018

Vasanti Cosmetics Locked In Liquid Lipstick – Review & Swatches

When the mailman delivered my beautiful box of Vasanti Liquid Lipsticks I knew they were going to be good but I didn’t realize they’d be this gorgeous! If you haven’t tried this brand yet, stop by Shoppers Drug Mart and start swatching (but be warned), the new colors are highly addictive!

One of the best things about Vasanti is the love that goes into each product. The creators are passionate about testing every pigment to ensure the highest quality and best results. They also cater to all complexions so women of color can find shades that make them feel sexy, empowered and beautiful (girl power!).

The packaging is sleek, simple and sophisticated but it can get a bit messy when the pigment collects heavily on the wand or under the cap. The applicator is standard but evenly distributes the color in fewer passes and helps shape the lip contour for a voluptuous pout. For more precision you can use a liner but the point is small enough to trace a neat outline.

Matte Liquid Lipsticks are my favorite because of the rich intensity they produce and this formula is ultra velvety and dramatic. The color glides on satiny-smooth and retains moisture to keep lips soft and comfortable with no flaking, caking or gathering in the corners. You get the coverage and saturation of an incredible matte pigment without dryness or chapping and the shade selection ranges from neutral to mid-tone and deep.

The lipstick holds up relatively well (about 6- 8 hours) with gradual transfer and fade but to prolong the color, simply apply one coat, allow it to dry and reinforce it with another. The supple liquid does not accentuate lines but exfoliating the night before may improve the finish.

I don’t wear neutrals very often (even though the trend is still going strong) but these colors are anything but dull and boring. The underlying tones make them flattering on all complexions and they increase in depth from light, medium and dark to suit your mood and makeup. The trick to finding a good nude is to make sure the color does not wash you out (the corpse look isn’t cute) and these shades enhance the skin while remaining very basic.

Date Night, Infatuated and Lust at First Sight are in the pink and burgundy spectrum. They are vivid and seductive without being too bright or harsh and the mild fruit scent smells delicious! These particular shades are my go-to for an evening out and the names are super cute!

The vegan formula is also cruelty and paraben free and the lipsticks retail for $23.00 each at Shoppers Drug Mart and online at

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