Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Foreo UFO Mini Smart Mask Treatment Review

We all know that taking time for a pampering spa day is great for the skin but sometimes a 20-30 minute facial can seem like a hassle. As a beauty editor and trend expert I’ve tried just about everything so I didn't think it was possible to reinvent plain old sheet masks.

Foreo has found a way to take your skincare routine to a new level with The UFO Mini ($219.00). This powerful little device delivers an invigorating professional facial from the comfort of home using Infrared Light Technology and sonic vibration.

What is UFO & How Does it Work?
This interstellar pink disk combines the benefits of a nourishing face mask with Hyper-Infusion and T-Sonic pulsations that enhance the efficiency of each treatment. Simply place the specially designed Foreo sheet mask on the gold plate, secure with the clip and press the start button. You can even track your usage, set reminders and create a personalized skin profile by downloading the UFO app (they’ve thought of everything!).

The complete cycle only takes 90 seconds so you don’t have to sit there for 20 minutes looking like Jason from Friday the 13th. I love that the device is small enough for travel and in no time at all you have glowing, supple skin that looks refreshed, youthful and energized. The Korean formulas are safe for all skin types and UFO is made with ultra-hygienic soft silicone to prevent bacteria build-up.

The RGB LED Technology rejuvenates the complexion by emitting infrared lights in different wavelengths combined with gentle heat to increase the penetration of active ingredients.

Red LED: Promotes circulation to stimulate collagen and fade wrinkles.
Green LED: Brightens and evens skin tone.
Blue LED: Destroys acne causing bacteria to heal and balance.

The UFO Smart Mask VS UFO Mini 
Foreo has created 2 versions of the UFO but aside from the price tag (the mini is $130.00 cheaper) the only difference is the Cryo-Therapy Technology. The regular version has a cooling cycle that calms the skin after treatment and the mini does not. To account for this I usually splash my face with cold water which also removes mask residue. 

My Results
I was a bit skeptical that 90 minutes with the UFO would equal 20 minutes of regular sheet mask time and I didn’t feel much heat (it would be nice to have more warmth). The activated mask pairs with a pre-programmed professional treatment to alternate between different lights, temperature and vibration. I used the Make My Day Hydrating & Anti-Pollution formula infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Red Algae.

UFO with Sheet Mask

At first I wasn’t sure anything was happening as I moved the UFO around my face and since the mask was still quite juicy, I did another treatment to use up all the serum. You can also dip the mask back into the wrapper and swirl it around to re-hydrate it for a second cycle. It didn’t take long for me to become totally hooked! My face looked amazing (especially after applying some Dior skincare). My glow was on-point and there was visible improvement in texture and tone. I looked like I had just emerged from an exotic spa - radiant dewy and baby soft! Throughout the day I couldn’t help looking at myself in the mirror to make sure my complexion was still flawless... and it was!

What Comes With UFO?
The device comes in a clear case with a quick start manual, plastic display stand, USB charging cord and one mask. It would have been nice if they made a little brush to clean fluid out of the groves but water and paper tower works too. 

There are a variety of different masks available including: brightening, anti-aging, shimmer, mattifying etc and the boxes retail separately for $14.90 - $25.90 (for 6 or 7 sheets).

What I like most about the UFO (aside from how fast it works) is that I can take it anywhere! Having to re-order specific masks might be a bit of a hassle but it's a small price to pay for glowing skin. The UFO makes me want to do a facial everyday so it has quickly become a "holy grail" product.

Foreo is available at Sephora, Hudson’s Bay and online at

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