Monday, September 24, 2018

Eau Thermale Avène Skincare Review | NEW Products

When the seasons change so should your skincare routine. As a living organism, our skin cells regenerate and continuously shed to protect us from harsh weather and environmental stress but sometimes they need a little help to stay healthy. According to the World Health Organization, 92% of the global population lives in a polluted environment which can accelerate damage and lead to premature wrinkles. Avène has developed an effective collection to help combat daily aggressors and maintain a youthful glow.

One of my favorite things about Avène is their harmonious combination of active ingredients and natural extracts that are safe for sensitive skin. Each product is infused with thermal spring water and undergoes rigorous testing to eliminate all irritants.

Exfoliation is key to healthy cell-turnover which is why I love the Gentle Body Scrub ($25.00) enriched with 3 invigorating plant oils. The lavish soap-free gel contains jojoba wax and exfoliating microbeads made from sustainably sourced wood. As you buff away roughness, the lipid-replenishing agents boost hydration and prevent dryness so skin feels smooth and replenished. Since the beads are ultra fine and non-abrasive, I prefer to use the scrub on dry skin (right before hopping in the shower) for more grittiness and resurfacing.

I wear a lot of eye makeup – waterproof mascara and liner, primer, shadow (usually a few shades) and sometimes a pop of glitter. For quick, hassle free cleansing I use Avène’s Intense Eye Makeup Remover ($20.00). This Bi-phasic formula is a lightweight mixture of spring water and lash strengthening oils that eliminate stubborn makeup without burning the eyes. It also works wonders on long-wear lipstick, gently lifting pigment stains while moisturizing the skin.

After cleansing, exfoliating and a warm bath, the Skincare Oil ($30.00) revitalizes the face, body and hair with a relaxing fragrance that helps me unwind. The dry-touch silky mist deeply nourishes and leaves behind a healthy, non-greasy sheen. I also use it to perfume and hydrate my roots, scalp and ends – massaging it in to stimulate circulation and fortify weak strands.

Glowing skin is very trendy so for an Instagram-worthy complexion, try the Radiance Serum ($40.00) to diminish dullness and signs of fatigue. This little bottle is packed with fruit extracts, antioxidants, vitamin E and blurring agents to smooth, soften, energize and refresh. The finish is ultra lightweight with absolutely no residue so it melts in quickly and makes a great base for makeup.

The onset of fall has brought cold weather and I can already feel my skin being depleted of moisture. The Rich Compensating Cream ($45.50) is a beauty essential this season because it counteracts lipid deficiency, fortifies cells and protects against free radical damage to shield from external aggressors. I layer it generously with serum to heal dry, flaky patches and my skin seems to drink it up!

While you’re bracing for winter, don’t forget to apply some Cold Cream Lip Butter ($12.00) to protect, comfort and heal sensitive skin in extreme cold. This rich balm instantly alleviates chapped lips with repairing oils and lush waxes that add shine and moisture. I’ve also been using it to prep my pout for lipstick and if you apply a thick layer before bed it doubles as a lip mask!

Think of the new A-Oxitive Collection as an urban shield against pollution, stress, junk food, fatigue, radio waves, alcohol and poor lifestyle choices. The exclusive formulas contain a potent combination of stable vitamin C, antioxidants and pure vitamin E to support collagen, brighten and reduce oxidative stress without irritation. The Defense Serum ($50.00) plumps, rejuvenates, shrinks pores and dulls wrinkles with hyaluronic acid while the Water-Cream ($48.00) soothes, softens hydrates and illuminates with mother-of-pearl extract. Use them together to create the ultimate barrier against everything life throws at you.

For those who need a bit more anti-aging help, PhysioLift Smoothing Serum ($57.00) can be added to your night care routine to soften deep wrinkles and fine lines. It also tightens, replenishes collagen, tones, lifts and plumps for a sculpted profile. I haven’t used this product as much as the others and I don't have wrinkles so my results are still inconclusive.

Avène is available at drugstores nationwide including Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs and online at

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