Friday, September 7, 2018

Tōn Cosmetics Lipstick Review

Today I am featuring a brand that is completely new to me (which is rare since I’ve tried just about everything). This was my first experience testing Tōn Cosmetics and I’m quite impressed! For a lipstick lover, this collection is a dream come true! There is no eye shadow, blush, mascara or liner on the website, but what you will discover is a range of stunning color designed to compliment your unique complexion and style.

For those who have difficulty choosing a flattering shade of lipstick, Tōn is here to help. No more harsh undertones or washed-out neutrals. Simply take the test and be introduced to your lip color soul mate! The brand has developed 9 variations of each shade to ensure the best match. You will also notice that each color category (nude, red and pink) is divided into 2 subcategories (fair, medium, deep) and (cool, neutral, warm).

Each velvety shade is expertly crafted but the online test might need more work. My results were: medium complexion with a warm undertone (which sounds about right) but my matches were yellow undertones - orange, coral and brown. I didn’t really care for the lipsticks that were recommended and the nude was way too light. The second time, I adjusted one of my answers and the test chose favorable shades. There are not enough complexion options (photos of real women with varying skin tones may be more effective) and some questions were a bit difficult to answer. For example: “When you wear a white top, how does your skin look?” ...I never really noticed. Other questions are a bit vague - “what colors suit you best - pastels or brights?” I would have selected deep/sultry tones like plum, garnet, wine or burgundy (if that had been an option).

I decided to browse the collection and select the most eye-catching shades. Below (from left to right) I chose: Red Dark Cool 2, Pink Dark Neutral 3, Red Fair Cool 2, Pink Dark Warm 3 and Pink Dark Cool 3. I wish the lipsticks had cute, memorable names instead of classifications because if someone asks what I’m wearing, I probably won’t know.

My favorite thing about the formula is the lush, lightweight texture that glides on silky with buildable saturation and excellent coverage. The pigment feels smooth, comfortable, moist and hydrating with a hint of satiny shine that makes my lips appear voluptuous. It would be nice to have a few matte options but these gorgeous shades are perfect for all seasons and they seem to enhance my complexion and eye makeup.

Infused with nourishing shea butter and vitamin E oil, the rich pigments pamper and heal dry skin for a soft, healthy finish. They are also cruelty free with no parabens.

I wore the purple/pink lipstick (below) to a VIP Beauty Lounge yesterday and Steve Kassajikian (the global Makeup Artist for Urban Decay) loved it! So did everyone else :)

Considering the variety of wearable colors, most women will have no problem finding a signature shade in this collection. The lipsticks retail for $19.00 each and Tōn Cosmetics is available online at

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