Thursday, January 24, 2019

Sproos Collagen Supplements and Bars

The idea that we can ingest or apply collagen to fight wrinkles and improve our overall health is the hottest new anti-aging trend and consumers are eating it up...literally! I know there is a lot of contradicting information out there about how our bodies absorb, breakdown and use collagen but the best way to find out is to try it yourself.

My busy schedule often includes lots of travel, media events, red carpet parties, fashion shows and celebrity galas balanced with family life and friends. I try to eat well and lead a healthy life but I don’t always have time to ingest all the vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and minerals I need on a daily basis...I’m told wine doesn’t count as a serving of fruit.

Most days I’m juggling deadlines or flying out the front door on my way to meetings halfway across the city. I may only have time to grab a quick snack or whip up something nutritional that I can pour in my water bottle and drink on-the-go.

Thanks to Sproos I can now improve my gut health, strengthen my joints and nourish my hair with a variety of beverage crystals and snack bars.

Before I get into taste testing (which is always the best part) I will summarize the benefits of Sproos Collagen and how it works according to the information available on the website.

The Importance of Collagen
Collagen is the most abundant form of protein in our body providing strength and structure for connective tissue. It is essential to the healthy functioning of skin, blood vessels, muscle, tendons, bone, ligaments and the digestive system. Unfortunately collagen production peaks in our early 20’s and declines as we age. Gradual and constant collagen loss eventually weakens elastin and may lead to wrinkles, loss of firmness, sagging, dry skin and weak joints. Some studies suggest that taking collagen supplements can repair and regenerate connective tissue which has positive effects on the entire body.

Sproos uses high quality, non GMO organic ingredients with no artificial flavors, gluten, colors or fillers. Their collagen supplements are sourced from North-Atlantic wild caught fish and grass fed cattle in a format that our bodies can easily access and use. Once you eat hydrolyzed collagen, it becomes available as peptides in your bloodstream where it gets carried to areas that need it most.

I’m not a pill popper. In fact I hate swallowing pills so much that I usually crush all meds and vitamins (even the bitterest bastards get pounded into dust). Thankfully the brand offers easy to use drinkable powders that are just 35 calories per serving with no added sugar. Simply mix in cold water and enjoy!

Since I travel a lot and tend to eat out, my favorite blend is Spruce up Your Gut - infused with ginger and organic aloe. This refreshing beverage is designed to defend against bacteria, toxins and pathogens while soothing and healing your digestive tract with anti-inflammatory components. It may also help with stomach aches and heartburn so I pack a few pouches in my suitcase just in case. I wouldn’t describe the powder as "delicious" but the flavor is mild and much easier to drink when mixed in natural fruit juice or smoothies.

Tub - $49.99 (283g / 18 servings), Pouches - $34.99 (box of 10 / 15.7g serving)

~ Wild Blueberry Collagen Smoothie Recipe ~
I’m not a huge fan of drinking my fruit but this delicious smoothie works well with the supplement and gives me a huge boost of antioxidants and energy. 

What you’ll need:
* A few heaping spoons of Nature’s Touch Wild Blueberries (don’t skimp)
*1 ripe banana
*Nature’s Touch Mango Chunks (1 single serving pouch)
*Splash of cold water
*Almond milk
-Blend for a few seconds and then add:
*1 scoop of Sproos Up Your Gut and 1 tsp of all-natural organic honey.
-Blend for a few more seconds and enjoy!

Sproos unflavored has the highest serving of hydrolyzed collagen. You can add it to tea, coffee, cold drinks, soup and even oatmeal but I prefer the flavored powders because they taste less like vitamins. For easy mixing put the powder in before adding liquid and use a spoon to smoosh and rub the lumps against the glass so they dissolve.

The Sproos Up Your Skin & Hair Powder is citrus and green tea flavored. This blend improves the appearance of damaged hair and aging skin.

The Spoos Collagen Bars ($47.88 per box of 12) are a great way to mix things up because I don’t always feel like drinking my supplements and sometimes a girl just needs a good snack! The bars all have 14g of protein, 7g of marine collagen, 1-8g of natural sugar, hemp seeds and dates. The most appealing flavor (to me) is Chocolate Almond Butter which also contains apple fiber and vanilla extract. The flavor is subtle and a tad salty with a nice chewy texture. The other bars are Lemon Coconut with a very strong citrus / lemon zest flavor and Double Chocolate Beet.

Small changes to your diet can lead to positive results and I think this collagen regiment is a great way to improve your health and maintain youthful skin.

Sproos is available online at, select Bulk Barns and other small health food stores. For a full list of retailers please visit

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