Friday, January 11, 2019

The Organic Skin Co Makeup Review: Lip Service Lipstick

At the beginning of a new year I avoid making unrealistic resolutions that I’ll probably give up on in a few weeks. Healthy living is an ongoing journey that can be difficult in a world full of synthetic substances, pollution and stress. I make a contentious effort to improve my diet and break bad habits but sometimes it’s easier to start with small changes like drinking more water, taking the stairs, eating more veggies or using natural beauty products.

What you put on your body eventually ends up in your body so Organic Skin Co has created a variety of cruelty-free, vegan makeup and skincare infused with amazing ingredients. What makes this New Zealand brand so unique is their process of Supercritical Extraction - a method of harvesting plant nutrients in the purest way possible. The herbs and emollients are extremely concentrated (up to 50 times stronger than conventional extracts) so they deliver the full spectrum of nature’s benefits straight to your skin!

If that wasn’t good enough, the lipsticks are loaded with nourishing Calendula and Rosemary to condition, soften and smooth dry skin with no harsh fragrances or chemical aftertaste. The gentle formula is also free of parabens, gluten, talc and other irritating additives to keep your pout healthy and protected.

I don’t usually go for neutrals but Zen is a deep chocolate-y brown that accentuates my lips without washing me out. The finish is sheer, soft and natural.

The vibrant colors are lightweight, comfortable and buildable with a semi-matte satin finish that makes lips appear luscious! The texture feels more like a moisturizing balm, bathing parched skin in rich nutrients without feathering or transferring to teeth. Since the pigments provide sheer to medium coverage, it may take a few layers to achieve bold saturation but the healing formula keeps my lips supple, plump and replenished.

The Lip Service Collection includes 12 gorgeous shades but I chose my favorites – Ruby Red, Galaxy and Flame which has a subtle metallic sheen. These hues look ravishing on all skin tones and are perfect for all occasions.

If you’re looking for a classic pink, Blossom is stunning!

Swatches from left to right: Zen, Ruby Red, Flame, Galaxy and Blossom.

The company ships worldwide and also sells concealer, luminizer, blush, foundation, eye shadow, mascara and more! Visit the website at

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