Thursday, April 25, 2019

Maui Moisture Hair Care Review: Detoxify, Hydrate and Repair

I’ve spotted Maui Moisture in drugstores countless times and their colorful smoothie-like bottles have always intrigued me. I don’t know why it took me so long to connect with the brand (at this point I’ve tried just about everything) but it is has quickly become one of favorites!

The vegan formulas are gentle and free of mineral oil, silicones, parabens, gluten, sulfates and synthetic dye. I love that the first ingredient is 100% aloe juice and there are 6 amazing ranges to choose from.

The Volcanic Ash Collection detoxifies and deep cleanses dull, congested hair with extra charcoal powder whipped right into the formula. This is a great line if you want to get rid of heavy leave-ins, gel, hairspray, oil, serum and whatever else you layer on during the week.

With an invigorating blend of citrusy bergamot oil, coconut water and ginger extract, the shampoo ($10.99) removes build-up, sweat, pollutants and dirt without stripping or damaging fine strands. The lather is light, refreshing and fragrant – great for people with heat damage or sensitive scalp.

The conditioner ($10.99) smells incredible – like a warm tropical breeze wafting through Hawaiian palm trees. The lush cream coats fragile cuticles to help detangle, hydrate, improve texture, and fortify breaking ends. I usually leave it on for 5-10 minutes in the shower and it makes my hair feel wonderful! Use the Volcanic Ash deep conditioner for even more suppleness.

If you suffer from dry skin, dandruff or delicate hair, shea butter should definitely be part of your beauty routine. The Revive and Hydrate Hair Mask ($10.99) is whipped to perfection with a rejuvenating blend of coconut, shea and macadamia oils.

If your strands are breaking, shedding or splitting, apply the rich cream generously and leave it on for at least 30 minutes to quench, replenish and soften. I usually treat my hair for 3 hours (especially before heat styling) to significantly improve texture, manageability, shine and resiliency.

I also have the Shea Butter Body Wash ($10.99) which I am absolutely obsessed with! The bottle is large, the scent is addicting and the consistency is luxurious. Drizzle some on your bath puff and let the silky bubbles renew and refresh dry skin without residue. A little goes a long way and after a relaxing shower, my entire body feels velvety smooth.

According to the stylists at L’Oreal Paris who tested my strands for durability, my hair is very healthy (little to no damage) but I still prefer products that are formulated to revitalize and rehydrate. If you have chemical damage from over-processing or dye, the Agave Mask ($10.99) is your best bet.

Infused with hibiscus and pineapple, the sumptuous conditioner mends weak areas while increasing elasticity to prevent breakage, split-ends and fraying. Before blow drying, flat ironing, crimping or curling, apply an even coat to strengthen and prepare hair for heat styling. Deep conditioning regularly makes a substantial difference in the overall health of your hair.

Maui Moisture is available at drugstores and major retailers across Canada. Visit the website at

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