Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Stila Lingerie Soufflé Skin Perfecting Color Review

Summer in Toronto is beautiful but we often experience severe heat waves and high humidity that elevates UV levels. I enjoy spending time outdoors but heavy foundation can melt, streak, clog pores and feel very uncomfortable.

This spring I’ve been searching for lighter options and just in time for beach and barbecue season Stila has launched the Lingerie Soufflé Perfecting Color ($49.00), their most luxurious multi-purpose skin perfector ever!

This opulent water-based mousse is whipped to perfection with 70% water and natural botanicals that nourish and protect without stickiness. It also contains light reflecting pearls to enhance your natural glow and blur pesky imperfections.

Once blended you will notice shimmering micro-beads dispersed throughout the foundation. They sit on the surface and create a dazzling veil of radiance. In theory this effect seems pretty cool but I’m usually more selective with my highlighter and a face full of sparkles isn’t really necessary.

The heavy glass bottle is gorgeous but quite impractical for travel. You may have to transfer some product into a portable container for use on-the-go.

Although the consistency seems thick, rich and heavy, the mousse is virtually weightless. It doesn’t look or feel like you’re wearing a ton of makeup and it doesn’t cake, crease or settle into lines.

There are 8 colors available that range from fair, medium and deep. Each Soufflé is designed to cover a multitude of skin tones so you don’t necessarily need an exact match. According to the Stila representatives at their media event, my shade is 5.0 (in the middle range).

I tested the pigment for an entire day – at work, running errands and during an evening power walk with my husband. It is a tad darker than my complexion so I used powder to even out the color and prolong wear. The flexibility is nice (my face never felt stiff) and there was minimal fading, transfer and greasiness.

Applying the pigment takes patience because it dries quickly and once the cream becomes matte, it can be difficult to blend seamlessly. For consistency, I use a beauty blender and then go over patchy areas with a small concealer brush for more precision.

The color will camouflage faint blemishes and discoloration but the coverage is light to medium. You may need to touch-up problem areas with a bit of concealer if they still show through.

If I had to rate this product I’d give it 3.7/5 for great texture and excellent staying power. I’d most likely wear the soufflé to the gym, beach, cottage, park or mall but for high profile events or special occasions I require more coverage.

If you don’t wear much makeup, you will probably like this. It gives your pores a chance to breathe and looks quite natural (minus the shimmer).

Stila is available at Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart and beauty.shoppersdrugmart.ca

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