Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Inkey List | Skincare Review

Are you tired of browsing the beauty aisle with no idea what to try? Maybe you’re confused by long ingredient lists, fed up of chemical terms you don’t understand and broke from buying stuff you don’t need.

For everyone who’s had enough of complicated beauty routines, The Inkey List has designed an effective travel-size skincare collection that is simple and affordable.

There are 15 core products to choose from and each formula has a star ingredient clearly listed on the box with a short description of what it does. The range features heavy hitters like Retinol, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid so you can customize your regime with the components your skin craves.

I was most excited to try the Turmeric Face Moisturizer ($12.99) because it has so many amazing health benefits. This delicious spice is infused with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that brighten, reduce wrinkles and hydrate.

You can tell the cream has a high concentration of turmeric because it emits a distinct aroma. I mainly use it at night (before bed) to detoxify my pores, smooth, soften and neutralize blemish causing bacteria. It does not melt in right away but the finish is light and supple.

Hyaluronic Acid is being put in everything these days because it holds 1000 times its weight in water to lock-in moisture, plump and smooth wrinkles. This refreshing serum ($12.99) is weightless, fragrance-free and fast absorbing which is perfect for layering.

Most people use the Hyaluronic formula with the Vitamin C Serum ($12.99) to protect skin from environmental aggressors and free radical damage. It is also known to diminish discoloration, scars, dark spots and hyperpigmentation for enhanced clarity and radiance.

The Retinol Face Serum ($12.99) is derived from Vitamin A and helps promote skin renewal and collagen production. This is a popular ingredient in anti-aging care because it also tones, lifts and rejuvenates your profile to counteract the unsightly effects of drooping.

If you are sensitive to retinol it might be a good idea to do a patch test before slathering it all over your face but the slow-release complex minimizes irritation.

The Caffeine Eye Cream ($9.99) is infused with jojoba, squalene, soybean, radish root, hyaluronic acid and healing extracts that reduce puffiness and fade dark circles. The gentle formula is safe for delicate skin so you can use it all around the eye area to hydrate and smooth fine lines. I keep mine in the fridge because the cooling sensation reduces under eye bags and other signs of fatigue when I don't get enough sleep.

If you’d like to simplify your skincare routine without compromising on quality, the Inkey Collection is available at Shoppers Drug Mart and

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